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Beauty of the sublime . . .


I attended the concert by the Gisborne Choral Society and guests on Sunday. In a world where we are constantly given images of human beings’ propensity for aggression, confrontation and intolerance, we need performances like this to make us realise that we humans are also capable of creating something that lifts us above the crassness in the world and lets us experience the beauty of the sublime.

Hours and hours of rehearsal must have taken place to enable the conductor Gavin Maclean to demonstrate his control over every note and nuance of the sound. This could not have been achieved without the flawless performance by the organist Heather Easting.

In my opinion, this was the best performance ever by the Gisborne Choral Society and its guests.

My only regret is that I didn’t attend the first performance. If I had, I would have been able to experience being lifted out of the mundane into the sublime twice.

Heather van Wyk