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Remember Nats’ clumsy charade?


Re: Some, mirrors — Oct 11.

Murray Ferris’s loyal support for the near-defunct National Party is admirable but in criticising the Prime Minister’s efforts to connect with local people, he seems to be forgetting that this is a favoured tactic of his own side, though a failed one.

Remember Judith Collins strolling Auckland streets to encounter carefully placed groups of supposedly random citizens? It was a clumsy charade that contributed to her steady decline in support and the disastrous vote that followed. Anyone can arrange a small rent-a-mob as Judith’s advisers did but that is hardly comparable with Jacinda Ardern’s continuing efforts to increase the vaccination of this country by travelling to provincial areas on what is actually a matter of life and death.

No East Coasters being carefully placed at gateways and on footpaths in this district! Just the usual enthusiastic support for a political leader who continues to inspire by her genuine concern, her openly friendly approach and her lack of guile.

When did Mr Ferris ever hear her abuse political opponents, attacking the person and not the argument? Compare that with the patronising and arrogant superiority of Collins’ random insults during last year’s Leaders’ Debates on television.

Spot the many differences but don’t confuse sincerity with cynicism.

Norman Maclean

  1. Gordon Webb says:

    so is this tit for tat stuff, eh Norm? Well lets look at Covid for Christmas. It was a line that Labour ministers Grant Robertson and Chris Hipkins effectively deployed with glee last week when National released its Covid policy.

    National, they said, with its policy to open the borders at an 85 per cent vaccination rate, would be virtually giving Kiwis the virus for Christmas.

    It was a clever line from two men who have spent almost their entire adult and professional lives trying to destroy the National Party. They just couldn’t help themselves.

    Both Ministers followed near identical paths of student presidents to ministerial staff to MP to Minister, having never had a job in the private sector.

    Yet it is now something that both men – Hipkins in particular, as Covid-19 response minister – could well live to regret. There will most likely be Covid for Christmas, but it won’t have been via an open border or the National Party.

    1. Stuart Venema, Rotorua says:

      Gordon Webb, although the two Ministers you mention would more than likely revel in having destroyed the Nats, the truth is quite different. They simply destroyed themselves with numerous shambolic displays of “old school, cemented-in policies and mad dog barking”. A thing of the past for sure. Society has moved on from the “creating wealth for a few” policies. If you can’t see that then perhaps you should sit with someone from the “other” side that you respect and listen, if that is possible. And as far as the Covid for xmas goes, thank god the Nats were nowhere near the decision-making – the death rate would be through the roof by now if they had anything to do with it. Wake up Gordon.

      1. Gordon Webb says:

        Yeah, just wait and see. If you think Jacinda has got us out of this one then you are sadly mistaken. As you say, “wake up”.