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Survival-bent attendance


The COP 26 meeting in Glasgow does not offer Zoom facilities. It is a crucial meeting, as climate urgency and awareness have both escalated since the last one, and there are no more years to spare. As well as individual and national action, global cooperation is essential. The pledges made in Paris need to be vastly strengthened.

To send one representative, with support, is the very least Aotearoa can do. James Shaw is the best-qualified politician for the job. Every day he has to make some compromises in Parliament, although making it clear what his real desires are. One return flight to Scotland is a small compromise for a potentially huge payoff. It is not hell-bent, as Richard Whitley describes it, but survival-bent.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. In echoing the whining leader of Act, Richard betrays a hate-the-Greens-but-want-them-to-be-even-greener syndrome. If not mere political carping, it must be an unconscious desire for some real green solutions to the current crisis — oops, crises.

Gavin Maclean

  1. Richard Whitley says:

    Which is it Gavin, one return flight to Glasgow, or “one representative with support”? How many supporters will actually travel with James?

    Why is the COP 26 not willing to facilitate Zoom capability? It would be a fine example to set.

    I don’t hate the Greens, my feelings tend more towards pity, but I will call them out on their weapons-grade hypocrisy.

  2. Sparky, Napier says:

    James Shaw is the Climate Change Minister. As such he represents New Zealand, not just the Green Party.
    Zoom being unavailable in Glasgow is disappointing. However, to not send our representative to an international forum discussing a global crisis, would send a very negative message. It could also be detrimental to New Zealand’s international standing and trade.
    In a situation where the Government has no choice, the decision to send the people responsible can hardly be termed hypocrisy.

  3. Bob Hughes says:

    Hi Richard
    In a comment to my column last week you called me, James Shaw and others merchants of climate doom and suggested there was something wayward about about our “need to invent and adopt measures to combat the issue”.
    Now you’re having a go at Gavin because of the return flight to Glasgow the Minister and other possible COP 26 climate conference supporters might make to represent our NZ Aotearoa.
    You obviously do not believe worsening climate change is worth any attention at all.
    I repeat from my own column comment, you and others who take this line have got it the wrong way round. You are the climate doom merchants yourselves.