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Right idea, wrong tree


With the right mix of trees we can maintain our current and future living standards.

While as a country we have the right idea, we have the wrong tree.

God save us from some brainwashed, over-educated fools and their ideas. What a nightmare.

Pines are prone to fire, which is a very real danger to humans (just follow the international news). Also, all the stored carbon is released in a fire — so we’re worse off than when we started.

Carbon credits are a minor bonus with respect to the real issue.

No.1 is that farmers produce food for us and the world, and have done for many years. Let’s keep that as No.1.

Some over-educated nuts seem to think trees should be No.1, only because of their carbon storage and getting paid carbon credits for them. OK — until some fool or the weather starts a fire.

Poplar, willow and most natives are next to no risk at all with regard to fire.

Our future is in your hands. Don’t stuff it up.

Ray Newman

  1. PJREED says:

    Its time to look a bit further ahead and slowly establish permaculture to replace the monocultures we have relied upon for too long!