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Abusers need to grow up


Re: Awful that Asians face intensified racism here, September 6 letter.

Thanks for your words Samantha. I am at the point, I am getting pissed off waiting for those who verbally abuse Asians to grow up in the 21st Century and get a life. They must be the most miserable beings that they have to abuse someone to make themselves feel “good”.

I posted on Facebook that I had some racist remarks about my kind and queue jumping when I shopped at New World supermarket, Lunn Avenue from a Pakeha woman and her male companion. I suggested she extend the use of hand sanitiser to the orifice called her mouth. I also made a complaint to security but I haven’t heard anything from that supermarket from the message I left on their social media page and given that there has been a terrorist attack on seven people at the Countdown Lynnmall, one has to wonder what measures they have in place for general public safety and if they have pulled the knives from their shelves.

I am from Gisborne but have lived in Auckland for a while. My grandfather paid a poll tax and set up the fresh produce market gardens around Makaraka and Matawhero for the Louie family. The story is in Sons of the Soil, a book written about all of the Chinese market gardeners and their contribution to NZ’s economy.

Dot Louie, Auckland