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Rural wellbeing knocks


A number of years ago our rural roadmen were removed.

They were an integral part of our rural communities, giving invaluable practical service. Their contribution was huge. Road maintenance since has been abysmal and the overall wellbeing of our rural communities has suffered.

In addition, now, those councillors who have voted for “Option One” have made it quite clear that our rural district councillors are no longer required.

These local representatives provide us with invaluable service.

Their knowledge of our rural areas has been paramount when addressing our concerns, and their dedicated representation would be sorely missed.

The wellbeing of our rural communities would take yet another knock!

William Barclay

  1. Toby Williams says:

    Well said William you are 100% correct.
    We need as many people as possible to fill out the survey and support the retention of rural wards.