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Try embracing change


Try as I might, I just can’t see a “mess of policy mistakes and economic incompetence” that Kerry Worsnop can see, while writing about the people of the real New Zealand.

Who are they? Why, farmers like her of course. Might not police officers, nurses, doctors, social workers, fire and emergency and defence force personnel etc (who treat the rest of us with care and kindness) also be considered to be people of the real NZ, or are they to be looked down upon as not “productive” enough?

Nor do I hear of the Emergency Departments up and down the country being overrun by “smashed” ute owners, thankfully.

But what about “since when did being productive become politically unacceptable, something to tax, regulate and undermine?” Jeepers, keep paying your taxes, Ms Worsnop, you don’t want the IRD on your case.

“There are better policy options — the Govt needs to find them.”

Now then, I’ll try to be as kind as I can. Since you don’t have any solutions of your own, may I suggest you follow the lead of the many excellent farmers embracing change and having a real impact for the better on the environment?

Hopefully that will allow you to throttle back on the “politicians spouting rubbish” stuff.

Bruce Holm

  1. Lara says:

    I agree Bruce.
    Farmers do a great job and we all recognise that. When farmers need help during weather or animal welfare events they receive support. I can think of recent drought support, flood support and the recognition that farmers need some mental health support. Farming does receive a lot of taxpayer money.
    What we can’t do is enable the continuation of farming practices that are not environmentally sustainable. Forestry companies are being held accountable for their practices and the agricultural and horticultural sector must do more as well.
    It should be clearly evident to anyone paying attention that the planet is now struggling. We are witnessing some pretty extreme weather events on a regular basis. NZ doesn’t have the luxury of time to muck around any more and we all need farming to pivot pretty sharply in another direction to cut emissions where they can. We need farming innovators and the ones who can’t change or won’t innovate need to get out of farming.
    There are plenty of bright farmers who have successfully changed tack and they are reaping the rewards.
    Kerry, I invite you to use your platform to help all local farmers learn from the ones in NZ and overseas who are really upping the pace of change and benefiting from it.
    The planet can’t wait another 20 years for some farmers to get around to more environmentally sustainable techniques.