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Let’s protect our water


Re: Three waters reform.

First and foremost, water is not a mere “commodity” — it is essential for life!

I am old enough to recall the circumstances and the promises made around the selling-off and/or privatising of past New Zealand government “entities”. Namely: NZ Electrical Department, NZ Rail & Ferry Services, NZ Banking, NZ Post Office, NZ Forestry, NZ Fishing.

The promises were that New Zealand citizens would enjoy cheaper, better, more efficient services . . . yeah, right!

The reality is that everyone of us pays more today.

But more damaging to our economic stability is the billions of dollars a year being taken out of this country as profits, to mostly overseas-owned companies.

That forces all of New Zealand to export the best of our produce and products, to keep the money “going around”. Meanwhile, our own citzens end up not being able to afford to eat meat, fresh fish and . . . coming soon . . . not afford to buy fresh, safe NZ water?!

I would like to encourage a conversation before the miserly eight-week time slot passes.

One: Only NZ citizens, or registered companies, can be involved with NZ “three waters”.

Two: No NZ citizen is ever stopped or is ever charged a fee for “harvesting rain” on their own property. Artesian water will require special and very careful consideration.

Three: All exports of water by foreign-owned companies be suspended and independently reviewed, to confirm they are sustainable and offer fair recompense . . . or, they can present verifiable evidence that their operations are sustainable and offer fair recompense.

Four: Full, transparent declaration of what exactly the Government considers is required to “ensure the reforms are fit for purpose”.

PS: I am wondering if the $2.5 billion package is similar to what the British did with their “investments” into the early New Zealand colony . . . where for every pound they put in, they ended up taking back out seven pounds.

Might we see history repeat?

Steve Aspden

  1. Dave says:

    Steve, I was thinking exactly the same. I would prefer us, the ratepayer, to retain ownership of our assets. We know that in the future one of the parties will sell off the four entities so the govt can spend the cash; the company would then set about making their shareholders as much money as they can possibly squeeze out of the users. I hope our council sees past the short-term cash gain.