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Battery issue to overcome


Could somebody in our Government tell me how you are able to destroy lithium-ion batteries encased in plastic when they have passed their use-by date, without affecting the environment; and then the vehicle that is now worthless because of the high cost of a replacement battery?

Wynne Jones

  1. Sparky, Napier says:

    I’m not in government, but will give it a go:
    First, 90 percent of a Nissan Leaf is made from recycled material, primarily the plastic componentry. There’s a great start.
    Lithium batteries will become more recyclable as homes go to solar power. They can be used to store excess power.
    All cars become worthless. The difference is that over its life, an EV emits zero C02.
    I’m sure there are others more qualified than myself to answer your questions.

  2. Karen Cooper says:

    There was an interesting snippet of news where the authorities in California were asking citizens to not charge their vehicles due to pressure on the electricity grid. Not a great result to go EVs.

    1. Sparky, Napier says:

      Go solar with your house, use recycled lithium batteries to store excess power and charge your car.
      California has a multitude of problems, not the least of which is drought and forest fires caused by a booming population and greenhouse gas emissions/ climate change. Their electricity shortage is a reason to look for alternatives, not to frown upon EVs.
      We can continue to burn fossil fuels, pollute and influence the climate. Or we can make the available alternatives work.