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Out of depth on water


Once again GDC has proved just how much they are out of their depth with water (no pun intended).

A public notice in The Gisborne Herald on July 14 from GDC reminds/recommends all households to run drinking water taps for a few minutes each day to remove any metal traces from plumbing fittings. As I am a rural ratepayer reliant solely on rain water, I carried out a simple test to see how much water “a few minutes” would equate to. Assuming that time to be three minutes, running the water amounted to 36 litres. Wow! I can get a load of washing done with that.

Just as well the Government has promised a huge boost to the Three Waters reforms so I hope GDC will be digging a bigger dam to keep city folk in enough water to flush their taps every day. Of course, as I rely on water delivery from the sky, I will prudently conserve my water for essential household needs.

A. Mather

  1. Dave says:

    It’s a sad day that our tapware is still not safe from lead, even worse is the fact that the taps can be sold untested.