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Is aim a bland nation of polite hypocrites?


Tim Wilson’s July 13 column deserves a round of applause. He refers to the Government’s problematic proposal to criminalise hate speech and asks the question, “Will it actually improve how New Zealanders behave towards each other.”

Personally I doubt it. Has repression of speech truly resolved problems in the long term? Ask those living under communism or dictatorship how they have been affected.

Is this Jacinda Ardern’s objective for New Zealanders, to become a bland nation of polite hypocrites? So much easier to control when people fear retribution.

So then, who will be these law makers that will decide for us what is hate speech and what is to be tolerated? What will be their basis for making these decisions? How will they decide what is truth or error, right or wrong?

One thing is for sure if this law is to be upheld, our legal system and police force will need to be radically enlarged.

Meanwhile, let’s just try to speak the truth in love. There’s room for both.

Sally Cobb

  1. Patrick Ropitini says:

    Re: Is aim a bland nation of polite hypocrites?- Congratulations Sally, you’ve just been captured by Jacinda Ardern. Her “aim” is to encourage debate to the “proposed changes” to the hate speech law. Your biblical ending of your post “let’s try to speak the truth in love”, bothers me. How about, let’s try to change threatening hate speech. “Speak the truth in love” in bible lingo means, the difficult things are best heard in a loving, non-threatening manner. Nice, but WoW, inappropriate in this context. Absolute music to the ears of the Mosque and Norwegian killers, and their millions of indoctrinated, conniving friends who operate on the dark web. Imagine appealing to the hateful keyboard warriors who incite violence. They are not psychologically impaired, tests have proven that. Come on dear chaps be nice. Expect your email box to be full of lovely comments.
    I hope Labour has the drive to nail the changes – there is no love in hate. The best friends of extreme haters are liars, and their best friends are supporters of free speech, and their best friends are those who sit on the fence, and their friends are the ones who say, “Really, what’s the point?” Ask the survivors.

    1. Lara says:

      Fantastic response Patrick.
      The time for trying to understand people who confuse free speech with free speech must end. I am all for grappling with a way to hold morally bankrupt people accountable for their hateful messages, messages they know cause considerable harm to certain groups in our society. This is no time for fence sitting.