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Charged again at disposal


Re: Servicing rural tanks . . . May 31 letter.

Correct, there is a disposal fee that the GDC charges us as a septic operator. This is on top of whatever the GDC is clipping us in our rates. (I also live at a property that does not connect to the services.)

Here’s a little bit of very interesting information for you:

Wairoa District Council does not charge a dump fee for septic cleaning as it’s in their rates . . . just like us . . . But we still get charged again at dumping.

As an operator I don’t agree with the charge as it should be allowed for in your rates.

Break the charge down over three years — a septic tank clean on average is about $2.10 per week including GST; out of that the dump fee is 0.37 cents per week.

The dump fee is about 18 percent of a standard three-year clean.

Unfortunately nothing will change and the council will do as they want!

Jason Bagnall, Gizzy Waste