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Actually, Sun disappears . . .


“We have seen this star in the east . . .”

I read and re-read the article at the foot of page 3 in Monday’s paper — “Sun starts climbing higher…” by RH (could this be Roger Handford?) where he states that “Today the Sun appears at its furthest point south along the western horizon”.

I had to get up and look out of our kitchen window in Whataupoko, which faces north-east, to be sure of saying that from our viewpoint the sun would have risen today at its furthest point north on the eastern horizon. I have to admit that I didn’t actually see the sun rise this morning, as it was too cloudy, but I’m pretty sure the Earth’s rotation hadn’t reversed overnight! Over the next six months, the sun will rise and set at points progressively further south.

PW (Peter Wooding)

Footnote response: Roger says you are correct in that you are looking at sunrise. “I should have made it clear I was referring to sunset — so at sunset, the Sun is at its furthest point along the western horizon at this time of year.”

  1. PW says:

    Furthest point NORTH.