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Most agree, so share your solutions


I would like to reassure St Bob that everybody with half a brain totally agrees with his concerns about global warming. About two-thirds of New Zealanders think urgent measures must be taken.

What I am taking him to task over in his 20 years of doomsday predictions is that he has been devoid of solutions, only saying we need to stop using petroleum products. As we have no other fuel in sufficient quantity for our planes and ships, this is not possible.

It is a waste of time for the Government to declare a state of emergency while still allowing car, motorcycle and boat racing. Pleasure fishing boat motors should also be restricted in size.

My last letter explained how New Zealand should get a big, efficient rail company to electrify all our trains and run them for the next 100 years.

With electric rail in place, our government should then pass legislation saying that any freight travelling over 200km must go by rail — as they did during the war. This would take most trucks and trailers off the road. All city bus services must be replaced by trolley buses and trams.

Another law I would like to see is all manufacturers cannot sell a product unless they accept that item back to recycle after use. This would solve our mountains of rubbish.

So, rest assured St Bob, the majority of us know you are right. Now, please add your solutions to the above.

Graham Gibson

  1. Richard says:

    Electrification of the present entire rail network is not going to happen. It costs approximately NZ$1.4m per kilometre track length to electrify. That cost is unsustainable as there are too many kilometres of track to cover with not enough revenue pools to dip into. The size of the passenger market and freight tonnage on most inter-regional lines is simply too small.

    However there are alternative “green” proven forms of motive power that could be adopted to operate on those inter-regional rural lines at a sustainable commercial cost. As evidenced by enlightened rail operators across the globe.

    Unfortunately the dinosaur SOE KiwiRail has tunnel vision and only see their future motive power in buying more dirty environmentally polluting Chinese “forced labour” built diesel locomotives. The net result of that action is an increase in air, noise and ground pollution for trackside communities. Obsolescence built-in from day one. A grievous neglect of moral duty supporting forced slave labour in those Chinese manufacturing plants. And, a harmful 30yr+ negative impact on the nation’s balance of payments through the continued importation of fossil fuels.

  2. G R Webb says:

    Ditto. On several occasions I have asked Bob what he thinks we here on the East Coast should be doing to halt climate change. I am still waiting for a constructive and purposeful response.

    1. Bob Hughes says:

      Wrong Gordon, I’ve answered you often – it’s just that you don’t like what I say. Be honest with yourself.

      1. Gordon Webb says:

        Wrong. Your solutions are half-baked. Go back and re-read them.