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Te Rimu trying to barge through their proposal


Re the Te Araroa barging proposal — without prejudice.

I believe this hui being arranged for Saturday is requesting whanau-o-kahu to come alongside with Te Rimu Trust’s ventures.

In this case I side with ahi ka. My reason is that while I don’t live there, I am whanau-o-kahu and a so-called beneficiary of the trust.

I have had numerous conflicts with the trust and get the impression they have no concern for ahi ka or whanaungatanga. If this hui is whanau-o-kahu then present your whakapapa, or we’ll have every Tom, Dick and Harry attending.

As to the barging, I thought the trust may have got the message by now — evidently not.

I must warn my people that if we keep resisting, the government, runanga and the trust could force the issue whereby the people get nothing.

At the hui we should ask to have consideration for ahi ka to sit and look at options.

One option could be a joint venture, 50/50 in decisions

and any profit — or that the river be dissected from Te Rimu boundary, the

remainder coming under whanau-o-kahu.

No doubt they’ll be emphasising work opportunities. There is a strong possibility that log marshalling will become automated as is happening around the world.

For example, tethering is a system being used in the forestry — I won’t go into detail, find it on YouTube. Log making used to be done manually, now they have machine-operated processors.

Either way I have to support ahi ka.