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Ramblings perpetuate racism in our society


Clive Bibby, your column dated June 2 (Be careful what you wish for!) is fuelled by anxiety and discomfort. Your comments legitimate your position of white racial control and the protection of white advantages.

Racism is deeply embedded in the fabric of our society and you continue to perpetuate this notion through the ramblings of the columns and letters you write.

Polly Thatcher

  1. Clive Bibby says:

    Oh, you’re mistaken Polly.
    I can’t even control what happens on my own boundary every minute of the day and night – not that I would want to even if I had the magic wand you suggest I possess.
    No, the current mob of malcontents are leading us on the road to hell all by themselves.
    Sadly, nothing I can do, or you appear likely to do about it either.
    It will all implode under its own weight when those who have the numerical power say enough!
    Have a good day.

    1. Lara says:

      Whatever your response was meant to say, I think you just proved Polly’s point!
      In my opinion the world is balanced on an ideological knife edge right now – just as we were in the 1920s and ’30s leading into WW2.
      I feel like we are teetering between the hard-core angry agendas of the populist politicians and the ambitions of the far right and nationalists, who are being geed up by politicians.
      People like me who support socially just decision-making and more care for the environment want people like you to just tone it down a bit, because what you write has implications.

  2. Clive Bibby says:

    I sure hope you’re right Lara.
    Isn’t that the reason why you and I contribute to this conversation?
    We both care enough about the current situation to want to try and influence public thinking. And we try to bring about change in attitudes by the strength of our respective arguments.
    In the meantime, I am more than happy with the response I am getting to my “ramblings”. My phone is red hot.
    You shouldn’t be afraid of the truth Lara. You should try it sometime. It really is the only thing that matters.

    1. Lara says:

      And there you go again Clive!
      Your version of reality is not ‘the truth’. It is merely your thoughts.
      Share your opinions if you must but refrain from attacking others’ views or character. Play the ball Clive, not the woman.

  3. Clive Bibby says:

    You’re right Lara. They are my thoughts but I’d wager they are closer to the truth than your false claims accusing me of being a racist. And anyway, I’ve never played footy with women but the blokes we encountered in opposing front rows were quite happy to give as much as they got. We didn’t have to descend to the depths you suggest in order to make a point. You’ve been reading too many chapters from the Prime Minister’s manual for self promotion that sets the standard for that dark art.