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Let’s reclaim independence


Re: Responding to some Covid claims, August 19 editorial and comment trail.

The problem really is this world in which we are in now, with the revelations given to us by Snowden, Manning etc never mind agenda 21, 30 plus political correctness — how many rights as citizens have we lost since 2001? Just a total lack of transparency and why we need to vote people, especially Jen Brown, into the Beehive to destroy this globalist takeover of our beloved country and reclaim our independence from the UN! Just leave it as it is, made up of unelected nobodies, ruled by just five anyway.

It would appear now with so many doctors and professors coming out in opposition to the way Covid-19 is being handled that the official line should be questioned and challenged at the least. Never mind the fake news media who are willing to accept and proclaim to be left-wing — I wish they would do us all a favour and move to North Korea, China and go live in the workers’ paradise that is state control! In the end all I need is someone who will stand up for common sense and give us back our freedoms!

See Jeremy/editor, there is a growing resentment to the global tyranny being established right in front of our eyes. A growing number of people have had a gutsful of it and will now vote for any who will bring true change.

Thank you Jeremy for putting up with us tin-hatters, flat-earthers, anti-vaxx, conspiracy theorists — in reality I’m just sick of the system as it stands and want it changed. So we can live as free, independent, responsible, individuals and with a fair go for one and all. As Albert Einstein wrote, “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Justin Rosewarne

  1. Peter Jones says:

    Top man Justin.
    Choose freedom over fear and vote for Jennie Brown to unhorse the communists.
    If you can’t see reds under this bed you just ain’t looking.

  2. Tony Lee says:

    Hey Justin, can you specify a few of the individual rights of citizens to carry on their daily life that have been lost since 2001? I’m very interested.