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No-dog zone, step back


To those pushing to “do” something about the penguins, it would seem some are incapable of understanding what others write.

In the face of our continuing encroachment on their natural environment, these penguins, like many other animals, have had to adapt. They have chosen the seawall and Kaiti beach foreshore for good penguin reasons.

For those who are deficient in comprehension, they do not need “managing”, or to have “experts” and the well-meaning crawling all over them. They need leaving alone. They are not an asset which Gisborne can gleefully use as a visitor attraction.

As someone who has tertiary environmental study under his belt, I do not need a lecture from you, Mr Jorion.

And to Ms Pewhairangi, who on Earth do you think is going to agree, let alone pay, to remove the concrete seawall and replace it with rocks?!

As for penguin casualties, you only have to look no further than the people who live nearby and own dogs — and to people who let their dogs roam free at the beach.

If anything at all needs to be done, making the Kaiti beach area a no-dog zone would be a good start.

I repeat . . . humans need to step back and leave the penguins well alone!

ROger Handford