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Bell ringer an exception . . .


Re: Shared space, work together — January 5.

Mathew, my point in stating that if I moved two feet left into the path of an oncoming cyclist (perhaps I should have said left or right) was that there could have been a nasty collision. Remember, I was referring to cyclists approaching from behind. Also, don't tell me that all riders stick to the left-hand rule.

Obviously you are a remarkable exception, to always ring your bell. I have walked this cycleway for a number of years and have yet to hear a warning alarm of any description.

You also mentioned wayward pedestrians who do not allow you enough room to pass, impede you, and give you rude looks. I find this very hard to believe.

Cyclists all seem to treat the cycleway as if it was their territory alone.

Mike Mulrooney

  1. John Fricker, Masterton says:

    Well said Mike.
    Cyclists are, by and large, lycra-clad anti-social wankers!
    Could also say they are narcissistic but you’ve caught my drift by now!

  2. Mathew Bannister says:

    Well Mike, as a pedestrian I look out for cyclists but managed on Saturday to get surprised by a couple on electric bikes – however, since I was already on the left they had room to pass.
    In terms of wayward pedestrians, it is difficult to notice when you are walking. But if you take the absence of evidence as evidence of absence then I have no way to demonstrate the issue to you.
    However, perhaps you would like to come out for a ride and a coffee next Saturday. The editor can provide my contact details.