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Anonymous and gutless


Re: Support for club captain, January 6 letter.

I was awarded a life membership of the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club for my great work for the club since the 1990s. I have donated thousands of dollars and was thanked very much by president Roger Faber for giving the club many beautiful fish trophies. The big black marlin is an all-time NZ record and unofficially the largest black marlin in the world on stand-up.

This latest “opinion” piece is gutless, in that they do not put a name to it. It is not worthy of any reply.

The NZ Transport Agency is involved now and can halt anything to do with marine activities.

The NZ Recreational Fishing Council, of which I am a board member and whose president is editor of Skipper magazine, is on to this mess.

The pontoon is where it will remain and that's fine, so live with your failures.

I cannot walk properly as I have stage 4 cancer so cannot drive a tractor to launch and retrieve members at Tatapouri, which is an alternative ramp as it always was.

This is all I will say, especially with regard to an anonymous letter, which could be from anybody, anywhere, even commercial.


  1. John Fricker, Masterton says:

    Get off your high horse Alain. You’re making a fuss over a difference of opinion. Try to see the bigger picture.