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Support for club captain


A few of us boaties wish to reply to Alain Jorion's criticism of Craig Miller in his recent opinion piece regarding the second inner harbour ramp pontoon. While the new pontoon may look good, it is the practicality of its placement that is questionable.

It is disappointing to read Alain's assessment in which he states that Mr Miller's opinion amounted to abuse of Gisborne District Council and its staff — this could not be further from the truth: critical yes, abusive no.

For the record, Mr Miller has been at the forefront of any dealings with the GDC in ensuring that the boating community is fairly catered for. In fact, he along with a few others were instrumental in getting the original pontoon replaced and the ball rolling for the second one, only to be let down by an uncommunicative council.

“Lastly, Gisborne District Council is going to have to seriously investigate an alternative area with the view to building another more suitable boat ramp and facilities sooner rather than later, as the inner harbour boat ramp is slowly becoming unfit for purpose.”

We don't find this comment negative at all and given we have a growing boating community, the council should be investigating an alternative site.

Alain, haven't you on a number of occasions also written that perhaps the GDC should develop Kaiti Beach with a new ramp and parking facilities! Please explain how this is any different.

We reject your suggestion that Mr Miller should do work like other club captains. Do you even know how much time and effort he puts into the club to ensure members are well catered for?

Craig also has his heart and soul focused on the club and the wider boating community.

Mr Jorion, we think you should apologise for your comments as they are out of line.

Concerned Boaties

  1. H Hannam says:

    Why should ratepayers be made to pay for infrastructure for an elite few? (We want this and we want that!) If Tatapouri fishing club members are not happy at the wharf, why don’t they move back to Tatapouri (or elsewhere) and do their own thing? Kids jumping off the wharf and bridge shouldn’t have to worry about getting chopped up by a boat propeller.

    1. Gordon Webb says:

      Ms Hannam, you are clearly confused and/or muddled. Children jumping off the bridge have nothing to do with Tatapouri fishing club members. The wharf has everything do with boaties as it’s where the launch ramp is. It is not a jumping platform anymore than a busy road is a suitable location for hopscotch.

      1. H Hannam says:

        Thanks for that reply Mr Webb (it was tongue in cheek as I think no one should be jumping off the bridge into that shit-filled water anyway), but who were the first to complain about kids jumping in to the harbour? (Hmmm, people with boats possibly). The fact is that the Tats have moaned and complained ever since they moved there! I am sure there’s enough members and money within your club to move somewhere else . . . just do it and leave the rest of the non-boatie ratepayers alone! (It’s not all about the boaties, because everyone has a right to the water!)

        1. G Webb says:

          The kids never jumped around the boat ramp until after the club moved there.