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Moving forward in harmony


I have three wishes for a better New Year.

For a government that is prepared to listen to the people and lead our country in harmony, putting an end to the divisive policies currently emerging.

For all New Zealanders to put aside the arguments of rights and wrongs of the past. Embrace the evolving new world and let us move forward in harmony. Yes, many things have occurred in the past that were wrong but we cannot change what happened. It is history. We need to move on and not be continually blamed for what our ancestors may have done.

For all those who are creating disruption with their own personal agendas, please look towards what is good for our country not what may suit your own personal aspirations.

These are my personal wishes.

I am not holding my breath.

Alex Kennedy

  1. Russell McLeod says:

    By ‘listen to the people’ do you mean the people who have your views? The world is evolving, just not in the way you think.

  2. Manu Caddie says:

    What policies do you think are divisive Alex?

  3. Perry Anderson says:

    Is that with Aladdin? I don’t know if he knows where New Zealand is. Something more middle eastern would suit, maybe Palestine and Israel, and sort that mess out.

  4. Craig Lock says:

    Nice thoughts, well expressed