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New pontoon fantastic


Re: New pontoon in the wrong place, Dec 29 column.

The new pontoon at the boat ramp is absolutely fantastic, for many reasons, and shows good planning.

It cannot drift around, being connected to huge poles.

Boaties can drive their boats into the pontoon, no different to the existing pontoon on the other side of the ramp, and let a crewman off to retrieve their trailer and vehicle in the new, ample parking spaces.

It was sad to read straight-out abuse of our GDC staff from Craig Miller in his column on Wednesday — especially this rude reaction coming from the club captain.

The pontoon materials are the best available and it really looks smart.

I inspected the pontoons again and the only negative thing I saw was about 20 kids diving in, making honey pots — and as seen for a long time, at risk of being hit or mutilated by boat props. Maori wardens should be there.

High-fives to those who built and organised this second pontoon, including our GDC.

Craig Miller said: “Lastly, Gisborne District Council is going to have to seriously investigate an alternative area with the view to building another more suitable boat ramp and facilities sooner rather than later, as the inner harbour boat ramp is slowly becoming unfit for purpose.”

In response to this last splurge and negative attitude, I suggest Craig Miller should do work like other club captains used to, like riding the Tatapouri ramp tractor to help with launching boats.

I have my heart and soul focused for the club and our community. This latest brain explosion just had to be addressed.


Life member, Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club

  1. Peter Claffey says:

    Alain, rather than having a personal attack at our club captain (Craig Miller), perhaps you could look at the facts.

    The fishing club had multiple consultations over the positioning of the new pontoon with G.D.C staff.

    There was an agreed position and with a change of staff at the G.D.C they failed to follow up and placed it in a place that reduces the useable space of the ramp.

    Kind of like putting the footpath in the cycle lane.

    As for your vendetta against Craig, it’s rather embarrassing.
    Craig does a lot for the club and even more behind the scenes. I can personally say I think he’s the most productive captain I have seen in my time.

    Furthermore, saying you have your heart and soul focused on the club’s best interest is a bit of an extreme comment coming from someone who doesn’t even own a boat anymore.
    Perhaps you could use your time driving the tractor launching boats during competitions rather than dusting the old trophies off.

    I guess time will tell and we will see the pontoon washed up, a bit like your fishing days and constructive involvement in the fishing community.

    1. Ramon Sanders says:

      Did the club pay for the pontoon? Best you worry about your next location when you guys get the boot! When the changes happen!!!

      1. Ken Ovenden says:

        Hi Ramon, well rather a loose threat and to just whom are you referring to? Advise please as to who “you guys” are and get “the boot” from where when “the changes happen” is in reference to what? Come on, spill the beans.