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No place to post at new site


A while ago I went to post letters at the old post office only to find flimsy pieces of paper across the mailboxes and a notice that the new post office was operating. So along I went, but with limited time could not find a mail box.

Yesterday I had a letter to post outside working hours and had more time to find the mail boxes. There are plenty of new brightly coloured PO boxes but I was unable to find somewhere to post my letter. Fortunately, some helpful employees were sitting outside who were able to tell me there are no mail boxes into which one can post mail.

I understand that there are problems with air conditioning and lighting in the building. I have also recently had to tell a NZ Post driver that one brake light on the NZ Post van wasn't working, and the reply was “I know, we have been waiting three weeks and nothing has happened”.

Come on NZ Post, pull your act together for both your customers and employees — and don't expect them to drive vehicles that would fail a WOF.

Ian Burton

  1. Dave says:

    Ian, a post office with nowhere to post a letter. That makes sense in this crazy world.

  2. Susan Gillingham says:

    There is a mail box outside the old post/Kiwibank building opposite Farmers