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Beach clean-up a GDC basic


Magnificent photo in Monday's Herald re Waikanae/Midway beach showing just how clean and pristine it can be, and full of visitors. We are currently led to understand that GDC may not have the clean-up of the current situation done prior to Christmas — what a catastrophe that will be if it is the case.

The beaches of Gisborne are one of the jewels in our crown and whilst there will not be international visitors here this holiday season, there will be plenty of New Zealanders and many will be first-timers. What a first impression will be given with the beach strewn with the mess that is currently on the sand.

A major theme of our last local body elections was to get back to basics — well, beach cleaning comes under that heading.

GDC — please show some common sense and if you do need to review this process, this is not the time to do it. Please just get on with it.

Ray Kitchen

  1. P.J. Reed says:

    The process needs to start by tackling the source of the problem.

  2. Dave says:

    This problem has been happening for years, and nothing has been done to tackle the cause. It’s time that the people/companies that cause the issue help pay for the clean-up, even as a gesture of goodwill.

  3. Charmaine Fouhy says:

    A major part of the problem is that the GDC commences the beach clean-up too early each year. It is often followed by a heavy rain event soon after that fills the beaches with unsightly debris again. I have seen this time after time . . . No-brainer GDC, do the beach clean-up in December and that will stop unnecessary repeat costs.