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Apology re stealth, GDC


I wish to apologise to GDC for insinuating that a water meter had been secretly installed with the new Toby. That is not the case.

My suspicion was misplaced; I am now reliably informed that the device in question is a non-return valve to prevent back-flow in the event of a loss of mains pressure.

It is quite possible that, in due course, water meters will be introduced for domestic premises but I am not familiar with current GDC policy on this matter; I just expect there to be “open and transparent” consultation before it does eventuate.

Peter Wooding

  1. P.J. Reed says:

    Peter, I still think an appropriate action would be to inform you of the change. I know from experience Fulton Hogan puts letters in your mailbox to inform you of upcoming events in your neighbourhood. A little communication goes a long way. For the record my Toby was replaced at request, and the job was undertaken in an efficient and timely fashion.