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On vax effort, pass options


May I speak about two things, and can someone come up with answers and manageable solutions.

1. The jab. Are all iwi actively involved in encouraging us to jab to keep our families and ourselves safe? If not why not?

2. The vaccine pass. It has name, birth date, no photograph to identify the owner of the pass. Another card to put into our wallets.

Why couldn't my vaccine pass be a part of my Visa, debit card or a card I already have — maybe my driver's licence, or my gold card? What does anyone out there think?

Kia Ora

Iris McGhee

  1. Lara says:

    Hi Iris,
    Turanga and Ngati Porou iwi have worked tirelessly for months in their quest to vaccinate as many people as possible. Rest assured, protecting people from Covid has been a priority for Iwi.
    No answer for the second question though sorry. I just loaded my pass on to my phone and I suppose those without a phone will get their pass printed out and laminated.