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Covid will focus their minds


It is time for the 85 percent of people who are vaccinated to re-live life at events, festivals and sports.

It is time to stop being kind.

We are at war, Covid is the enemy and the anti-vaxers are the draft dodgers.

During the Second World War, draft dodgers were imprisoned. That may seem a bit harsh in this situation. But bear in mind, the unvaccinated have been reaping the benefits of a local covid-free environment, from the hard work and loss of freedoms the responsible majority are grappling with.

If we want to be in the orange traffic light by Christmas, we need to have very stern words with family and friends who are, for whatever reason, dragging the chain and convince them to get vaccinated.

The alternative to this is the virus running rampant amongst the dissidents. That will soon focus their minds as they struggle to breathe.

Paul Gretton

  1. Neil Henderson says:

    I listened to an interview months ago with two internationally acclaimed virologists who predicted that in time the vaccinated will be more likely to contract COVID than the unvaxxed. A study by the British National health Service has recently revealed that more case per thousand are indeed occurring in the vaxxed than the unvaxxed in the age groups 30 and above. It is time for some more balanced information out there so all can understand why so many are not heeding the call to get a jab that is overhyped.

    Footnote from Ed:
    A source for the claim that “two internationally acclaimed virologists” believed that in time the vaccinated will be more likely to contract Covid than the unvaxxed is needed to help assess it. Are you sure they weren’t saying that in time more people who contract Covid will be vaccinated, because the population will be highly vaccinated?

    When much of a population has been vaccinated, most infections and deaths are “expected to be among those vaccinated”, Dr Muge Cevik, a clinical lecturer in infectious diseases and medical virology at the University of St Andrews has told Reuters.

    Below is an August 25 opinion piece by University of Bath senior mathematics lecturer Kit Yates in explanation; key parts here –

    “Data from Public Health England suggest that being double vaccinated reduces the risk of hospital admission with the now-dominant delta variant by around 96% . . .
    “However, the 20-fold decrease in risk afforded by the vaccine isn’t enough to offset the 32-fold increase in underlying risk of death of a 80-year-old compared to a 45-year-old. Given the same risk of infection, we would still expect to see a higher proportion of double-vaccinated 80-year-olds die from covid than unvaccinated 40-year-olds.
    “. . . given the UK’s vaccination strategy (vaccinate older, more vulnerable people first) and uptake profile (higher uptake in older groups), you would expect high proportions of the people who die from covid to have been vaccinated. And that is exactly what we see in the data.”


  2. Karen Cooper says:

    Well said Paul

  3. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

    Oh no. They will be hunting down the non-vaccinated like I have read Germans were hunted down in Gisborne during World War One. Auckland is the most vaccinated region in New Zealand and is by far the most Covid infected. The numbers don’t add up. I personally got vaccinated because I was being beaten up and I want my little pleasures. I made sure it was in a proper medical centre and insisted on the aspiration inoculation. I then retired to my bed for two days. If I am dead in two years, I know who is likely to blame.

  4. Maree Conaglen says:

    Hi Paul
    It can be rather infuriating when we look at people who have decided not to be vaccinated. We must remember though that looking at them like they are the “enemy” will not get us anywhere. They are our fellow community members.
    We still live in a democracy and it is their right to refuse the vaccine. Making them seem alienated won’t work. We still need to have courageous conversations with each other. We may not agree but we at least need to be civil to one another.
    People (like ourselves) who have been vaccinated believe the science that herd immunity through vaccination is the best way to protect everyone against covid.
    The fact that the vast majority of NZers have been vaccinated is a great show of community solidarity to protect those people whose immunity is low and are most at risk. We must not, however, make people feel alienated because they are not in the majority. And from what I have seen over the last week, businesses in this town have been bending over backwards to invent ways that we can ALL access their businesses. So a big high five to them.
    People still have individual rights and some people believe other sources for what they think is the best course of action. Some prioritise their individual rights over collective responsibility. So yes it is frustrating, but that is still their right. It comes down to a clash in values. Let’s hope we can find tolerance with each other to navigate this difficult period of time . . . myself included!