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A lot of money in vaccines


Pfizer expects its revenue from Covid-19 vaccine sales to reach $36 billion for 2021.

Pfizer has also warned that the Covid-19 vaccine might need to be taken annually.

Mmmmmm, nothing wrong here is there?

A. Abbott

  1. Lara says:

    That figure is revenue, not profit.
    Why shouldn’t the companies and their highly-skilled workers who have stepped up to the plate to save lives be paid? Those huge labs have lots of overheads and the people who engage in the research and development work need to be paid. Then comes the packaging of the vaccines, distribution of them etc. Pfizer doesn’t run a charity.
    For context, in 2020 MacDonald’s revenue was somewhere around $21.07bn and Coca Cola’s was $33.01bn. Those companies contribute to the obesity epidemic and are not health promoting.

    1. Joanne Mador says:

      Great food for thought!