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Your choice, your torment


Re Jacki Seaward letter 20/11/2021.

Enough. Get the jab or enjoy your time in further isolation. The vast majority of us don't care about your torment. You can enjoy your unvaccinated rights but stay away from the rest of us.

Ritchie Scott

  1. C Nicholson says:

    I have not read Jacki Seaward’s letter, but I’m very concerned about the level of anger in Mr Scott’s heart against those who are wanting to uphold their basic human right of not wanting the Covid vaccine. One thing we all need to remember is that among those who are currently hospitalised, about 30% of them are either vaccinated with one dose or double vaccinated. So, that means the healthy unvaccinated should be cautious about being among the vaccinated people too. There is unnecessary hatred being stirred up between these two groups of people. Can’t we simply respect each other’s health choices? There’s no need to hate. I’m giving this comment simply because I wanted Mr Scott to have peace in his heart and mind. I Hope everybody in NZ could get through Covid alive whether they are vaccinated or not vaccinated!

  2. Martin Hanson, Nelson says:

    If the vaccine gives protection, how are vaccinated people threatened by unvaccinated people? Just asking.

    Footnote from Ed: High vaccination rates suppress outbreaks; the more unvaccinated people there are in a community, the more “fuel” there is for an outbreak to grow and threaten everyone – especially the vulnerable.