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Not so easy


Is a My Vaccine Pass, your hot


Prepare to set the world on fire.

Detail your driving licence card.

Oh you haven't got one, that is


What about a passport then?

Oh, yours expired in twenty ten.

Use your birth certificate form,

For kiwi born babies that's the


Bit of a problem, surnames don't


A subtle program, kind of catch.

This is a problem not foreseen —

You've got married in between.

Oh one more thing, I hope you

see —

Certificates only from 2003.

There's an 0800 number for you to


But regrettably it's got a sting.

You'll get a message never fear.

The problem is it's hard to hear.

Can you speak to an operator?

When it's not busy, ring back later.

With diligence, you'll get on the list

But until then, you don't exist!

Ron Taylor

  1. Aimee says:

    So, the same as dealing with Spark then?