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Well done barge group


As someone who lived at Hicks Bay for seven years, I am absolutely delighted to read in our local paper that the Te Araroa barge facility group are pressing ahead with their regional infrastructure plans. This is fantastic news for their local economy and even better news for the residents of State Highway 35 who have to run the gauntlet of logging trucks every time they try to travel anywhere.

Our council should hang their collective heads in shame as they campaigned actively against the barge proposal. However, this is no surprise as our council's track record in common sense is somewhat lacking. Just look at their continued support for a defunct, obsolete railway line to Napier which only the other day had another massive section slide into the sea.

Coastal shipping is the obvious way to shift goods out of Gisborne and luckily business people with more acumen are pursuing these channels.

Well done chairman Kingston Cooper in persevering with your vision of development at Te Araroa. More power to your elbow.

Paul Gretton