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They were already in line!


Re: Clumsy charade.

Well, well, well look who came to the rescue of the PM. Sorry Norman but either I didn't articulate my message clearly enough or you chose to ignore it. The headlines were clear enough in most media, PM to visit several centres to encourage those who are still not vaccinated to do so.

So I will say it again, how does walking down a row of vehicles and people already waiting for a jab encourage those who are holding out?

The fact the PM doesn't attack people is irrelevant, but just for the record she is always missing in action when the proverbial goes in the fan. Part of the carefully orchestrated maintenance of the princess she thinks she is, so no aggression allowed.

Anyway, she has enough idiots around her own caucus that she can attack out of sight of the media.

You clearly don't mind going on the attack on her behalf. I don't mind being attacked, so I guess that's all good.

When the tsunami of doodoo gets to Wellington — as it surely will, as the team of 5 million start to rebel — you had better have your Red Bands handy. Over and out.

Murray Ferris

  1. Ian Findlay, Napier says:

    Murray Ferris’s emotional response to Norman Maclean’s balanced and reasoned letter is somewhat juvenile.
    He belittles the PM’s efforts to get those who are reluctant, vaccinated. Being seen and engaging with the public in low vaccination areas like Murupara and Ruatoria is far more than ‘walking down a row of vehicles’. Ferris may not like it, but the PM is revered by many, and her presence and encouragement could well be a fillip for the reluctant.
    Ferris also accuses the PM of ‘always missing in action when the proverbial hits the fan’. Christchurch and White Island/ Te Puia o Whakaari? His use of hyperbole is indicative of a very weak argument.
    Ferris’s letter is more suited to talkback radio, or to a shock-jock’s rant, than providing coherent rebuttal of Norman Maclean.

  2. Alistar says:

    Are you able to send a picture to the Herald of how far your tongue is distorting your cheek?
    Your acerbic wit, whilst sometimes having us in stitches, is leaving us wondering if you have a new job as Judith Collins’ adviser and speech writer.
    Just wondering.

  3. P.J. Reed says:

    Murray if you can find something constructive to add to the discussion, eg how to get people to obey the rules and get vaccinated, it would look a lot better than the Tsunami of vengeance. Norman this possibly applies to you also. Like it or not this shouldn’t be a political issue, but a health issue concerning all New Zealanders irrespective of political leanings!

  4. Stuart Venema, Rotorua says:

    Murray, speaking of idiots . . . spoken like a true nasty Nat moulded by the likes of the Muldoon era. It would actually be funny if it wasn’t so deluded. Straight out of the Collins playbook – how is that working out? One with any brains at all only has to study these three, Collins, Muller and Bridges, to see how desperately inadequate the opposition is, fact.

    1. G R Webb says:

      Ditto Twyford and Davis as cabinet ministers

  5. Dave says:

    It may seem weird, but I do believe she is making a small difference. I am a bit surprised, but then again probably not, that people can’t make up their own mind, and if they are going to get the Vax, get out there ASAP and do it. Time is running out. It will get to Tairawhiti at some point. You have to admit, she has a huge following.