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Protecting ourselves, others


So, you don't intend to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Wow, does that make you feel big and tough? I think it makes you look small, weak and foolish.

I realise there are people who, because of health issues, religious ties, peer pressure or believing the conspiracy theories, will not be vaccinated.

However, how would you feel if you, because you decided not to get “the jab”, gave Covid to your parents, your children, your wife etc. Imagine your grandparents struggling to breathe because you were too arrogant to be vaxxed.

Are you afraid of a needle? Do you think your “mates” might think less of you? Wouldn't you be doing a hell of a lot more for your family and community if you received the “jab” and then told your mates to do the same?

Would you rather look forward to a future where we return to some sort of normality, or not be vaxxed and potentially die on a bed with a tube stuck in your mouth?

If you did become afflicted, would you expect an ambulance to pick you up and take you to hospital? Would you expect our amazing doctors and nurses to care for you? I bet you would.

As far as I am concerned, if you refuse to get vaccinated then you don't deserve any help. You brought it on yourself.

Wake up, smell the roses, and be thankful that there is a way to escape this dreadful virus — that way is vaccination.

I have had two vaccinations and it is the most wonderful feeling to know that I'm so much less likely to catch Covid, to get seriously ill if I do, or to pass this “Covid” monster on to anybody else.

The choice is yours. To have a future for you and your family, or to gasp for breath; it's simply up to you.


  1. John Adams says:

    Well put Mike,

    To all the people left to get a vaccine, do you really need government handouts and KFC to incentivise you to save your community?

    I hear constantly that we in Gisborne look out for each other and we don’t need other districts telling us how to live. Well, prove it. Go and get the vaccine now without the need to be bought by the government to do it. Show that you care about those in your community.

    1. Doug Smith says:

      I also agree, John, but don’t you mean “our” community?

      1. John Adams says:

        I do Doug,

        But in this context I was singling out those unvaccinated and highlighting that it is ‘their’ community that they are putting at risk. I have already double vaxxed myself and was separating myself from the equation.

        In hindsight it is a misleading read. I would edit it to read our if I could for convenience.