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Big dropout easily fixed


In response to Merv Goodley's letter of October 9 I wish to set a few wrongs to right, in particular about the Tikiwhata dropout. I have spent a lot of time looking over this dropout, and as an earthmover with 40-plus years of experience know that it could be easily fixed for approx $3m.

Basically it is a gully with a creek in the bottom and the old timers built a tunnel through an adjoining ridge to take the water away from where the earth fill was going to be placed. The tunnel is still in perfect working order, the entrance is buried under a slip and could easily be excavated to open it up for the water again.

Beside the dropout is a substantial hill; the solution is to remove said hill and fill gully. Easy. There are many highly-capable earthmovers in Gisborne who have large diggers and bulldozers who would willingly undertake such a contract. Subject to weather it could be done in a few months by a competent contractor.

So please get your facts right before continually going on about something you know little about.

Tom Wakelin

  1. Yeah Right says:

    That 40 years of experience must have been before needing to get resource consents to modify waterways in this manner.

    1. Richard says:

      I think the timeline stated by Tom is clearly after such resource consents are (or not) given. But such consents are possible. One just has to look at the degree of consents required for the Transmission Gulley or Manawatu Gorge Saddle Road new build. What is proposed is not beyond reason.