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We have had ample opportunity to responsibly be vaccinated and for all of us together to keep this Delta out of our wonderful paradise. Now the experts say it's only a matter of time until Delta will be circulating in our district, and only 45 percent of us are fully vaccinated. Come on Gisborne, start leading the way.

Plagues, flues, viruses and pandemics go back a long way:

1346-53 — Bubonic plague, 75 million-200m people died, answer was to stay at home.

1918 – Influenza (Spanish flu) pandemic, 50m died.

1957-58 — Asian flu.

1968-69 — Hong Kong flu.

1976, 2013-2016 — Ebola in Africa.

1977-79 — Russian flu.

1981-today — Aids has killed about 39m.

1997 — H5N1 bird flu.

2002 — SARS.

2019 — Covid-19.

2021 — Delta.

Answer again — to stay at home, or get vaccinated.