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Listen to Ozzy ballad also


Re: Case for nature-based forests, October 1.

A massive thank you to Dame Anne Salmond for expressing my feelings in a way I would never be able to successfully articulate. I have kept your article to show to as many people as I am able.

I also recommend listening to Dreamer co-written by Ozzy Osbourne, former frontman for the group Black Sabbath, whose song pretty much says the same thing but with even greater eloquence and beauty.

It was necessary for me to copy out the lyrics for the ballad Dreamer from the internet, as my husband is hearing-impaired. He lives for both music and his farm, but can no longer hear the words distinctly — although he can still hear the tune.

I just hope he can still hear the birds. Lord knows we have enough of them around here, and he does everything to encourage more.

Ms G. Rose