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A fine, fair-minded man


A tribute to the late Colin Peach:

My first contact with Colin and his wife Pam was when they transferred to Tokomaru Bay in 1957 where he became resident accountant with McCulloch Butler and Spence.

During their time in Tokomaru Bay, a group of us, Colin, myself, along with Bob Bryant and Vic Brough engaged in orienteering and mountain rescue exercises as a Coast team and had fun involved in mountain safety events.

Colin worked on the Coast for five years, and naturally enough ended up working with Des Williams of Puketiti Station. Together as trustees on various East Coast trusts, they supported Coast activities including St John, which was becoming established in Ruatoria in 1961. Arnold Williams and Heathcote Beale Trust supported St John till amalgamated with others 50 years later.

So my contact with Colin flourished during the early 1960s, and has continued so, all those 60 years.

The inclusion of the J & T Hickey Memorial Trust established by Des and Colin had a prime purpose of supporting Coast and rural endeavours, including the very successful dog trialling programmes, rural health and St John activities for the past 30 years.

He was strong on accountability, but fair-minded and always willing to take time to reach a just outcome.

Even with failing health in recent years, supported by his wife, Pam, and his secretary Ruth Green, Colin continued with unfailing spirit to support the trust through to 2020, when he was then unable to give it his full support.

A fine man and will not be forgotten.

Hughie Hughes