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Stressed out by this Govt


For 35 years we have developed and increased production sustainability on a hill country property, and we're proud of our hard work.

We've planted thousands of trees and nurtured many thousands more — shelter belts, riparian planting and a QE2 Reserve — all not recognised with this carbon sequestration.

James Shaw comes along with his water revelations, with little knowledge of the diversity and practical thinking for our New Zealand landscapes and land usage.

SNAs (Significant Natural Areas) have been another blindless notion.

Generations of New Zealanders have endeavoured to think to the future to sustain this country.

This Government talks of pouring $1.9 billion into mental health but really it is fragmenting our societies whether it be in agriculture, ethnic groups, health etc etc.

I was proud when working together overseas with all sorts of nationalities to say, “We are one people in New Zealand, we all help one another and build together.”

Jacinda said, “we are one people — five million together”, but she and this Government are fragmenting and causing much dissention between us.

Stress, oh yes, mental health pressure — this Government is causing so much.

The rural roads in this region are neglected; no funding for metal our council says! What has happened to the “shovel ready” promises?

Maintenance of our 4WD vehicles, our school buses, human bodies — with all the manipulations — let alone trying to drive electric vehicles on these roads . . . it is impossible to comprehend such nonsense.

People old and young are so stressed by all the ill-thought-out changes to our populace — even our place names alter without thought of consequence.

Instead of pouring thousands of dollars into an experiment with MPI in south Taranaki on regenerative farming, put those dollars into giving our roads a reasonable warrant of fitness.

The Seekers (I'm a fan of their music) say “We are one, but we are many. And from all the lands on earth we come.” But that is an Australian song!! Sorry!

Do you think we can be “One people working together” again?

Rita Barclay