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Looking forward to decision in civil case


Re: Steven Wallace civil case.

As another of your correspondents infers, it may well be the NZ Police Association wielding power in political circles which is responsible for our justice system apparently going quiet on the results of the Steven Wallace civil case which was heard a relatively short time ago.

To my mind it was pressure from the NZPA that influenced the politicians and the justice system in general when the original criminal charges against a policeman were heard in relation to this matter. There was certainly pressure from Wellington NZ Police Association members who tried to pass a remit that would bar any ex-police members who gave evidence in favour of the Wallace family, from being allowed to enter any police canteen in the Wellington Police District. The remit failed.

Let us hope that any fear of pressure from the police association will not cower our politicians and our justice system, and that the High Court will quickly render and release a credible decision based on the evidence heard in the recent civil case.

Dennis Pennefather