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Mid-terms key for Trump


A forensic audit of the November presidential election is taking place in Arizona. If it proves that the proceedings were fraudulent there, some of the swing states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin) — some of whose representatives are present observing the audit — may decide to follow suit. If their elections also prove to have been run fraudulently, since the addition of the electoral votes involved would have taken Trump over the 270 line, some people think that Trump would be reinstated there and then.

Not going to happen! The only way Trump gets back into office is for the Republicans to win big in the House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2022 mid-terms; with Biden and his administration living in infamy because of their diabolical behaviour. The Republican House Speaker could then proceed with an impeachment of the Biden administration followed by a Senate conviction, and, adhering to the legal path laid out in the constitution, take over the presidency himself.

What if Trump were to run for the House himself in 2022 and was then chosen as Speaker by his Republican colleagues? The mind boggles!

Patrick Cooper

  1. Lara says:

    And the reactions of sane individuals to Trump’s diabolical behaviour are noted in the link below.

    1. Patrick Cooper says:

      Of course, if the audits prove that the election was fraudulent, the criminal actions involved will mean that Biden is in serious trouble. Collusion with a foreign power (China in particular, but others were involved) to steal an election is treason.

      1. Lara says:

        You might need to ease up on the vape juice Patrick. I think you are seeing more ‘cats in the carpet’ than my hubby!

  2. Bob Hughes says:

    Sorry Patrick, proceedings were not fraudulent in the swing states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
    This from USA TODAY:

  3. Ewan McGregor, Waipawa says:

    What a lot of nonsense. And the “legal path” which is to be followed in the event of the president being removed? Succession goes to the vice president.

    1. Patrick Cooper says:

      Not if the whole administration is impeached.

  4. Donald Robson says:

    Indeed it does appear your mind has been boggled, Patrick.

    A symptom of cultish behavior is when an adherent makes utterly implausible statements not to convince others of the point, but to demonstrate to others that their loyalty to the cause is such that they are prepared to make such implausible statements regardless of the veracity of the idea.

    Have your bells been rungled?

    1. Patrick Cooper says:

      Why are the Democrats fighting tooth and nail to prevent these audits? If you’ve nothing to hide, you hide nothing. Why not let the audits go ahead and then conspiracy theorists like myself can be put to bed. The truth is there was massive fraud in the form of vote tally manipulation through the internet, mainly by Chinese data scientists. Check out Mike Lindell’s video, ‘Absolutely 9-0’ on

      Make sure you watch it through to the end because there is evidence late in the piece, presented in chart form.
      Fortunately, white hat hackers who knew that the Democrats would be attempting this, had the foresight to record the encrypted data traffic as it passed over the internet the night of the election count. He has had these specialists working on these ‘captured’ packets of data (PCAPs) for months. They know the IP addresses and geographical locations of the devices the CCP used. In addition, he asked the hackers to examine forensically the elections in 20 counties chosen at random from a handful of the swing states (Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada). In those counties alone, the number of votes the Chinese data scientists shifted from President Trump to Biden were sufficient for Trump to have won the appropriate States easily. Michigan has 83 counties. Trump won the election in a landslide.
      Go figure.

      Footnote response from Ed: If you’re at all inclined to believe this and are thinking you might want to watch the video, have a read –

      1. Patrick Cooper says:

        The Washington Post is in the tank for the Democrats and is owned by the globalist, Jeff Bezos. They will publish anything to stave off investigation of the election fraud. I would rather roll in horse manure than read that rag.

        Footnote from Ed: Classic that you find the shaky videos of a random wealthy Trump supporter interviewing an anonymous “investigator” to be more credible than the Washington Post.
        Try this by US centre-right online magazine The Dispatch

        1. Lara says:

          OAN, Infowars, Fox and Newsmax are ‘in the pit’ with Trump and have lost touch with all reality.
          Wake up and know when you are being manipulated Patrick.

  5. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

    As much as I admire Donald Trump for trying to drain the swamp and turning against his own inner circle like Epstein, Trump couldn’t run a hen house let alone the US House of Representatives. According to the Constitution, the line of succession to the Presidency is Vice President, then Speaker of the House of Representatives, then Chairman of the Senate, then the Cabinet Secretaries in ranking order. Marshall, the black Supreme Court Justice member and Sotomayor, the Hispanic Justice member urged a legal review of the Presidential election, but the other conservative Justice members turned that down. Intifada would have set all the US cities alight if that had happened. The other conservative Judges preferred their recreation time at the golf circuit.