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Media silence on Wallace civil case against NZ Police


I was very surprised when a couple of newspapers and a TV channel reported that the mother of the late Steven Wallace, Raewyn Wallace, had been given approval to take a civil case against the New Zealand Police, alleging the wrongful police shooting of Steven some 20 years ago.

The High Court informed me that the evidence was heard late last year and the judge had reserved their decision, and a date for publishing that decision had not been given.

Hard to understand why the print media have dropped this issue like a “hot potato”, given the strong public interest and fact the courts gave permission for the matter to be raised again these many years after the constable who shot Steven was found “not guilty” in the criminal courts.

It appears that all of the media has gone silent on this matter. Why?

Dennis Pennefather

  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    Perhaps the lack of media coverage has to do with some of the findings in the IPCA report in regard to the Steven Wallace shooting? In that report, concerns were canvassed over whether an officer consumed alcohol prior to the shooting – 20 years on and Police still refuse to employ regular drug and alcohol testing of Police officers, which was a recommendation from the Ipca in that report!