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Further rail blowout risks


In previous letters to the editor I have quite often mentioned the 2.5km stretch of line running along Blacks Beach over here at Mahia, hoping Mayor Stoltz and the Gisborne Rail Action Group know where I am talking about.

A while ago I was up on the line with a Wairoa District Council engineer pointing out areas of concern that could block in the next big rain. Like the inevitable next big earthquake, when this happens it will have a very good chance of blowing out the rail line and the road into Mahia, just like the 1954 slip which closed the road into Mahia for four months I think. I don't know how long the rail was closed for. The photo I saw of the 1954 slip went 100m out into the sea.

I wonder if Maurice Fraser of Fraser Geologics-Total Rail Solutions put this area in the $36 million Berl report budget?

I was in a boat off Blacks Beach on Saturday and looked up at one of the three areas of concern to me. There is a huge, steep gully above the rail line, I guess around 500 hectares, that could blow out at any time with a heavy rain.

Wairoa District Council is trying to get KiwiRail to look at it.

I have to wonder if the Mayor or the small number of GRAG members really care if our access is cut off. We would have to use the one-way Tunanui Road.

This is why I keep trying to tell the Mayor of Gisborne that instead of sitting around being totally misled by the Berl report and the GRAG, you need a public meeting.

What is the use of rebuilding a rail link that has a very good chance of slipping into the ocean, the Kopuawhara River, forestry and farms?

We are going into year 10.

Merv Goodley

  1. Richard says:

    In one’s life every day is a risk, as it is in business. Sensible folk try to mitigate risk and not shy away from it. To accept it, to rise to the challenge and conquer it.

    What they don‘t do is constantly and pathologically create all the excuses they can think of to avoid running with the baton to optimise their life or business. The weak and uninspiring preach only doom, gloom and failure. A turgid squandering of their daily life.

    The good and the great rise to the challenge.