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Focus on basics GDC, forget the fanciful


I have been following letters about the rating system over the past few weeks and have decided to put in my two cents worth.

My rates have gone up quite a bit because of recent revaluation rises. On top of that, Gisborne District Council is whacking on an average 6.4 percent rates increase.

What for? Are you being greedy, inconsiderate or a lot of other names?

Have you put yourselves in the position of the ordinary people of this region, whether pensioners who have put their savings into something of value where they can live in retirement comfortably, or youngish folk who are working towards that end? I sincerely doubt it.

You have set your sights on a big picture of how you would like this region to be, and are not considering the effects this has on the ordinary person who wants the following things —

' Courtesy

' Roads and footpaths that are safe from tree roots pushing them up, potholes etc

' A wastewater system that works

' Decent and sufficient parking both at the harbour and in town

' The tile surface on footpaths in town fixed. Places marked for repairs or replacement have been waiting for several years now.

Look at the big picture, for sure, but some are pipe dreams and you are not doing the ordinary things such as those listed above, in favour of those fanciful things.

We expect our rates as they are to cover these things, and so they should. If you are budgeting correctly and not using consultants for everything, the rates should cover them. If there is any left over, then sure, go for something out of the ordinary.

I am a frequent visitor to council, get on well with them, but when I hear of the problems and the treatment others have had, I wonder why those people are still in employment as they are not listening to the public for what is needed.

If you asked the ordinary person on the street, most would say they wouldn't bother going to the council about something because “nothing gets done”.

Dot McCulloch

  1. Peter Millar says:

    Well said Dot.
    You hit a number of points including “courtesy” and the parking issues. I note GDC has not yet had the “courtesy” to reply.
    My dealings over the Inner Harbour are well documented, and still work in progress.
    GDC staff are quick to use The Herald as a medium for their own cause, yet choose not to respond when cornered or queried.
    I asked Director Internal Partnerships James Baty some simple questions that would have exposed the “anomalies” in the “Inner Harbour Project” after he took shots at me in The Herald. Not even the courtesy of a reply . . . Zip. Shoot from the hip and then duck for cover.
    When I queried the lack of a response I got this reply from GDC: “Regarding James Baty’s comments in the Gisborne Herald following your 29 October 2020 article, Council was asked by the Gisborne Herald to respond, and did so. James does not usually read the Gisborne Herald.”
    Perhaps actually reading The Gisborne Herald so as to glean the feedback (both negative and positive) held about some aspects of performance should be included in the job description??