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Rail vision for Gisborne as well . . .


Your readers may remember my previous letter supporting investment in major repairs to the railway line south for freight in and out of the province, and with a vision for the future development long term for tourism for the area.

I thought this Labour Government with its foresight to railway infrastructure improvements and the move to building our own wagons again in Dunedin may well have this vision for rail that we need for Gisborne.

I was advised that repairs to the line could cost up to $45m, which is a large amount but this Government has spent up to $100m on setting up a two-per-day passenger train for commuters from Hamilton to Auckland and return! This puts the reinstatement of the Gisborne line for important freight, heavy trucks off a main road that needs upgrading more in to context and the expense of even up to $200m I would have thought — well worth while for such an important part of New Zealand.

Let's keep pushing for reinstatement for this important link with the rest of the country.

Robert Scott, Hamilton

  1. Richard says:

    I cannot comment on the viability of freight operations on the reinstated line, however I can state that my own research into passenger operations Gisborne to all stations south into Wellington with modern light weight rolling stock and zero emission motive power will be sustainable.

    The $91.3m for a slow (150 minute journey) by a dirty highly polluting diesel powered locomotive and the old refurbished heavy weight MK2 ex BR passenger coaches are a railway industry joke. KiwiRail continue to pull the wool over NZGov eyes when it comes to delivering a modern railway at a reasonable cost. And the Hamilton service does not even go directly into the Britomart.

  2. Ramon Sanders Snr says:

    For Christ’s sake! Have you even seen the state of the track from Gisborne to Wairoa? There are multiple slips and dropouts, the track runs along a beachside that’s ready to drop into the ocean, there has been no maintenance for years, and have you muppets considered loading and unloading logistics??? Our roads are a joke – why the hell would they bother with rail. You clowns keep on beating the same drum! Get over it! Rail ain’t gonna happen!

    1. Murray Jones says:

      Here ya go Ramon, from the good old days, when the muppets were on TV and the clowns were at the circus 😉


  3. Ramon Sanders says:

    Also, the govt is cashing in big time with Road User Charges for trucks and trailers – consider this, one B-train unit is three sets of Road User Charges, one tractor unit and two trailers, GST on 30 truck tyres, GST on a thousand litres of diesel, every day. And that is one unit: times that by around 700, that’s how many units go to and from Gisborne.

    1. D Arthur says:

      A major reason for the deterioration of this rail is ongoing lack of maintenance for years.
      Yes the roads are a joke (not very funny though!) and get worse with every truck that goes over them.
      As for government cashing in on GST – that’s a bigger joke. GST is a consumer tax – businesses claim it all back so it does not benefit the government.
      RUCs were brought in to contribute towards road maintenance.