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Phone books still in demand


Always nice to know that people like Dave are so competent in dealing with the digital age. Not everybody is so efficient. The vast majority of people still have use of a phone book. I invite Dave to come along with us for an hour or two while we are doing deliveries. Most customers who we meet face to face almost always ask for two phone books. We are hailed in the street for additional copies. Hundreds of extra books are printed to meet the anticipated demand. I have depots in the city to provide a pick-up point.

My team and I deliver more than 260,000 phone books all over the North Island and the story is repeated in every area. Phone books are not a total waste of resources yet, Dave!


(Contractor for delivery of phone books, central North Island)

  1. John Adams says:

    You dropped three at my house….

    Three phone books straight in the bin.

    If people need them, put them in the library or have an opt-in with rates info update.

    Saying people need them because you printed 260,000 is retarded. You are wasting resources to support Boomers who cannot be bothered to adapt and who have already destroyed this planet.

  2. Liz Pallant says:

    Baby Boomers you say. There are people in their 80s + 90s who depend on the phone book. They can’t afford cell phones and computers. Same people depend on the landline to talk to friends and family. For them, to talk as long as they do it would cost them quite a few dollars on a cell phone, which they cannot afford on a pension.

    1. John Adams says:

      They need a phone book to call their friends?

      Solid logic.

      80 / 90 and cannot afford a phone? What a joke! Pension is more than enough to live off. Looks like the older generations need to learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.