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Democrats’ ‘Enabling Act’


Bob Hughes suggests there are parallels between the events following the Reichstag fire in February, 1933 in Nazi Germany, when Hitler's regime used the event to pass the Enabling Act — which allowed them to pass legislation without the approval of the Reichstag, consolidate their grip on the organs of the state and introduce strict censorship, amongst other totalitarian instruments — and the events at the Capitol in Washington DC on January 6.

Any right-minded person could see that nothing in the speech President Trump gave at the time would have encouraged his supporters to behave other than peacefully. He encouraged them to go down to the Capitol and to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. Yet, the fake, corrupt, partisan media framed this event as an armed insurrection!

There was no outrage when the White House was surrounded by Antifa and BLM activists and a church close by was set on fire in May 2020, or when wailing feminists invaded the Capitol and confronted Senators during the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, or during the summer when Antifa and BLM protestors burned down buildings, looted and caused $US2 billion in damage to businesses and people's homes. Instead, some Democrats advocated defunding the police.

Strangely, subsequent to the events at the Capitol, during which the police were seen removing barriers to allow the protesters to pass and ushering them in through the open doors to the building (was it a false flag operation?), the Democrats have been bewailing the inadequate police presence.

No, the real parallel with the Reichstag fire episode came on the evening of January 8 when President Trump's Twitter account was closed. Think of it, the leader of the free world censored by an unelected billionaire!

This was the Democrat's Enabling Act. Google and Apple have ensured that the President and some of his allies (Sidney Powell, General Flynn) can't use the conservative platform Parler, either. Terrifying! America is a short step away from the imposition of a totalitarian dystopia.

Patrick Cooper

  1. Aimee says:

    Patrick, the difference between protests by ‘wailing feminists’ /BLM movement and Trump supporters is so obvious it shouldn’t even need to be pointed out. One is people who have suffered years of oppression wanting to be heard and angry for good reason…the other is an entitled bunch of white supremacists having a tanty because they didn’t get what they wanted. BIG difference.

    1. Texan says:

      They are not white supremacists. To say there are Communists, which there are mixed in on the left, as being everyone on the left is the same thing you are saying for the right.

      1. Aimee says:

        Oh I’m sorry, not white supremacy then. Would you prefer neo-Nazis? I saw Confederate flags and heard Nazi rhetoric. Struck me as a little bit like a lynching mob. It’s a reality, and you’re seeing the same thing myself and the majority see. Did you just add sugar to it to make it a little more palatable?

      2. Lara says:

        You simply cannot defend the indefensible.
        I saw the examples of neo-Nazi iconography in multiple shots and the footage. These hateful symbols were being worn or carried by the rioters.
        At least one man wearing a Camp Auschwitz sweatshirt. A few others were wearing similar T-shirts. Sickening to see.
        Men and women draped in or carrying flags with Nazi symbolism, particularly those green, black and white ones.
        Proud Boys making racist gestures for cameras.
        Lots of people carrying or draped in confederate flags.
        Additionally, those same kinds of people beat a cop to death, threw one off the balcony into the crowd and beat another one with sticks and god knows what else.
        There was a set of gallows and a noose erected ready for a lynching . . .
        And before you try to blame the appalling behaviour on ANTIFA or try to explain away what we all saw with our own eyes, anyone who took part in or was present at that riot is hateful and predatory. Racists are deplorable.
        I hope you and people like you get help, you are very sick.

  2. Bob Hughes says:

    “. . . nothing in the speech President Trump gave at the time would have encouraged his supporters to behave other than peacefully”. Untrue and unworthy of response.
    However, on the parallel, yes. In earlier pieces, I have drawn similarities between Hitler’s Enabling Act and the United States’ 2001 Patriot Act.
    A mere six weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attack, claiming national security, President Bush’s Republican administration rushed through The Patriot Act. Fourth-amendment civil rights were first to go.
    Citizens could be targeted without consent; surveillance, home searches on ordinary Americans were undertaken, bank records and internet documents examined, and suspects could be detained without trial indefinitely.
    There is the example of Guantánamo Bay for all to see; extraordinary abuses to human rights and brutal interrogations amounting to torture.
    But not for the first time. In 1938, the year before WW2. the United States formed the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). The aim was to investigate communist and fascist organisations. This was later extended to purge activities of suspected groups on the political left.
    After war’s end, between 1947-1953, the McCarthy-era HUAC forces embarked on witch hunts, to trample on citizens’ rights and ruin many careers and reputations of completely innocent Americans.
    No proof of wrong-doing was needed. That was last century.
    I hope this will help readers understand there truly are parallels between the events following the Reichstag fire in Germany and happenings since then and up until this day in America.

  3. Lara says:

    A commentator on that stupid website, the Blue Journal, that you told me to view today blogged recently that Trump had signed something called the Blackout and Insurrection Act and calls on all you deluded conspiracy theorists and neo nazis to ‘get ready’. You people are very worrying…

  4. Californian says:

    I’m no Trump supporter, didn’t even vote for him. As an Independent for the past 5 years I’ve watched 75 percent of news media portray Trump and his supporters as racist, homophobic, and fascist. The majority of conservatives are not by any means racist. After looking at the legislation his administration has passed in support of people of colour, I found that it was some of the most profound actions taken by a US presidential admin in the last 30+ years. Why don’t we hear about the actual things this admin has done? Instead we only hear about why we shouldn’t like him and how racist his base is. Of course there will be racist homophobic followers of his, but that does not by any means make up his base. WAKE UP. 24-hour news and govt are to blame for our division. One thing that woke me up even more was the fact that Trump has a daily increase in supporters who are POC and LGBTQ. They see through the created and incited division. They refuse to be used as pawns. This isn’t a Right vs Left problem, it is an American problem and we have to stand up to media and govt otherwise we fall. Censorship is already happening. Now they are talking about banning the right to assemble. I do not care what party you affiliate with, but please do not have blind loyalty.

    1. Tim Stewart says:

      Hi Californian
      How refreshing to hear simple truthful analysis of the terrible corruption of our ‘news’ sources and their constant propaganda of lies and misrepresentations over the last 4 years (and beyond probably!) There seems to be a dreadful lack of critical thinking in a lot of the population but then again you could say we have been ‘raised’ this way couldn’t you. There is an insightful comedy routine by George Carlin (RIP) called “You have no choice” that I highly recommend to anyone actually wanting to think for themselves. In the meantime keep up your awareness – you are definitely not alone (thank God)

  5. Tony Lee says:

    Absolutely agree Patrick. The USA really dodged the imposition of a totalitarian dystopia by not allowing the mindless thugs (egged on by Trump) to meet their objectives when invading the Capitol.

  6. Frank Patterson, Dalton, GA says:

    What a pile of shit this is. Clearly Patrick Cooper has lost touch with reality and should be institutionalised before his insanity spreads beyond this bizarre assessment.