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Votes manipulated in Rome


In Wednesday's editorial, Jeremy didn't refer to the massive fraud that was perpetrated on the American people during the presidential election of November 3rd. Thousands of affidavits vouch for the numerous types of criminal activity that contributed to an illegitimate Biden victory.

Since the data doesn't lie, the investigative work of scientists on the vote tallies in just three Georgian counties demonstrated that President Trump's incremental totals suffered from periodic decrements, something that just shouldn't happen and is a sure sign of fraud. Strangely, Biden's totals were never subject to these deductions but, on the contrary, increased by exactly the same amount. Were these votes to have been correctly assigned, they would surpass the margin of Biden's apparent victory and President Trump would have won the state of Georgia.

How were these vote manipulations achieved, since, once the voters had registered their choices in the voting machines, the data was eventually passed electronically to the Secretary of State's office, without the human hand intervening?

The voting machines were connected to the internet and the vote tallies were carried to servers in Frankfurt, Germany. From there they passed down via a Leonardo mini satellite to the American Embassy in Rome where two data scientists from MI6, supervised by someone from the State Department, manipulated the vote tallies. When news of this activity broke in the Italian media, it caused a massive crisis for the Prime Minister there. The corrupt, fake media in the US, here and the rest of Europe, understandably, haven't touched it.

These two data scientists were also responsible for the unlikely, massive vote spikes for Biden in the early hours of the morning in the battleground states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia) when the vote counting was supposed to have stopped in the populous urban counties, and President Trump had been in the lead in each of them by hundreds of thousands of votes. Some frantic back-filling with fraudulent ballots was necessary to match the digital vote dumps.

President Trump actually won the election in a landslide with over 400 electoral votes.

Patrick Cooper

Footnote from Ed: The claims in this letter are a partisan fiction that is not backed up by evidence.

This is Patrick's third attempt to have us publish disinformation about the US presidential election having been stolen; the previous two were declined. He has sourced the claims in this letter to an article in The Epoch Times, and a YouTube video featuring former CIA chief of station Bradley Johnson, a contributor to The Epoch Times.

The Epoch Times is a far-right newspaper affiliated with Falun Gong — a spiritual community with the stated goal of taking down China's government — that has become one of the most strident supporters of Donald Trump. It spent more than $US1.5 million on pro-Trump advertisements on Facebook in the six months to August 2019 — more than any organisation outside the Trump campaign itself.

  1. Ewan McGregor, Waipawa says:

    You’re right, Mr Editor; it’s garbage.

    1. Tracie Embro, Florida says:

      Not so fast Ewan . . . special forces have Nancy’s laptop! Let’s see what’s on it!

    2. ANNE ANDRULOT, United States says:

      To all of you who think that disobeying God’s law on multiple counts is OK –
      Good luck .
      No need to reply to me.
      Talk to God.
      Tell God why you are the way you are.

    3. William Mee, USA says:

      The thing is Kemp and the SOS worked on cheating the Governorship from Democrat Stacy Abrams and were 100% Trump. If there was a way to cheat it would of gone to Trump. Trump deliberately did not have his campaign advisors in some states so he could claim the counts were off in court. But state GOP were there and nothing was irregular. These Trump guys are as crooked as a $3 dollar bill (we don’t have that denomination).

  2. Ian Findlay, Napier says:

    Patrick Cooper is close to the truth. The real story is that Mahia’s Rocket Lab secretly launched a satellite last year. This satellite was capable of intercepting American election results. They were then sent to a secret location in Tolaga Bay, where a computer genius from Venezula had arrived 2 days prior by a restored Nazi U Boat. He then modified results in Biden’s favour before hand-delivering them to a guy in Ruatoria who in turn passed then on to a member of ‘Proud Boys’ who lives in Te Kaha. He rang them through to America.
    This is perfectly true. I read it on the internet.

    1. Tony Lee says:

      At last, a credible account of the fraud. Ian, you are to be commended for your courage in presenting the truth.

      1. Renee Eledge, Florida says:

        That is the farthest thing from the truth. Sorry to burst his “truth” bubble but when does this vigil anti headhunt hate stop? So many media and people constantly representing the hatred, self gratifying stories or lies and non sense they stir must be miserably exhausting to o harbour those feelings. Half of the people in the land of the free are least interested in truth. Could you imagine your eulogy with the same rhetorical comments people choose to share? WOW

      2. Shazza G, NZ says:

        Thank you Gisborne Herald for allowing true facts to be published in your paper supporting Patrick’s information of President Trump and his amazing team of over 80 million and their mind-blowing uphill battle to share the truth. Our family has watched carefully over the past months of the lengths some will go to, to hide the truth. I’m embarrassed to admit that in the beginning we thought as others have in part because of mainstream media, when they try to tell us what to think instead of reporting the facts and allowing us to make up our own minds. We just knew that normal, honest people don’t treat others the way Trump and his supporters have been treated so we started to do our own research – OMGosh! What we easily found was that those who condemn him haven’t read and seen the good he has done for America, of which there is plenty. To those who don’t like Donald Trump I say that’s fine, but don’t tell us how to feel about him – we are not stupid.

    2. Shannon Beaman, United States says:

      Is it not an EU satellite control center? It’s not just the Galileo Sys, but our NATO and nation partners satellites are also controlled from there. To wag fingers that the facility (and its capabilities) are non starts is simply not true. I’m a 23 year veteran of the Marine Corps where I spent a large portion of my career as an Electronic Warfare Marine, specifically worked in the European IC space in both War (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo), directed from within and with the Italian IC and their partners, but also in ‘peace’ within the EU, NATO, the 17 IC departments of the US, her allies and UN/CFR partners, and finally retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 only because a traumatic brain injury ended my further service. To state that something doesn’t exist that does in fact exist is just an out of hand smokescreen to fuel the media’s need to have something to say in the short term. Just as the Hunter Biden issues etc were categorically denied as investigated though they had the FBI file numbers and knew clearly that there were ongoing actions; only to drag it across Election Day line, but whereas now they can take their sigh of relief and are now accenting to the facts, though they block and maligned all who would mention leading up to the election and at the same time avoiding any questioning of the VP on the matter or demanding a single category of denial.

      I don’t know if this all is true, but it’s not some difficult matter to have accomplished and to say otherwise preys on American’s ignorance, shows the actual disdain they have for the polity, and if shown to have any credible elements pulls them further down the holes of complicity because there’s a hair trigger circular firing squad they teeter on with big international players, oligarchs, and the patriarchs of the liberal worldview. They can’t all go on forever without blinking and now that within the US the left/media have full control of government with the ability to ignore and bury all they want; it makes it that much harder to not blink. Even if this Italy/CIA story is false, the interesting thing will be to see who over plays first, because then the blinking will begin. Just my 2¢


    3. Alex, America says:

      Man, you had me convinced you actually believed this until you talked about the restored Nazi U-boat. Well done.

    4. Jennifer M, California says:

      Ian, you are brilliant. On behalf of all Americans, I thank you for getting to the bottom of this so quickly!

    5. George P says:

      Thank you Ian. I’m fairly certain you will eventually agree that there was not a Nazi U boat involved here. I do, however, wish that were true; as over the past 60 years, I have only been able to track down four worldwide. Please retract; no harm, no foul.

  3. Tony Lee says:

    Given the content of this letter, I shudder to think what unsubstantiated nonsense Mr Cooper presented in his two letters rejected by the editor.

  4. Patrick Cooper says:

    This scandal is just breaking in Italy. A journalist, Maria Zack, personally informed President Trump on Christmas Eve at Mar-a-Lago about this story, informing him that elements in the CIA masterminded the plot to manipulate the vote in the Presidential election on November 3rd, 2020, in league with elements from the CIA. This collusion with foreign actors to subvert an election is, of course, treason. Needless to say, the lives of the journalist and those supporting her are in grave danger.

    The Editor fails to point out that the evidence of data manipulation I discuss in my article was presented by impartial scientists to Georgia’s State Senate committee and is incontrovertible evidence of fraud.

    1. Rihari Wilson says:

      Mr Cooper, you wrote, “The Editor fails to point out that the evidence of data manipulation I discuss in my article was presented by impartial scientists to Georgia’s State Senate committee and is incontrovertible evidence of fraud.” At the time of which you write, the Georgia State Senate had a significant majority of Republicans (34 to 21). I find it unbelievable that these Republican senators would not immediately “blow the whistle” in Atlanta rather than waiting for “the scandal” to be broken by an Italian journalist when the Electoral College vote had already been confirmed. Do you really also believe that President Trump would not have trumpeted such information widely and in detail if he had it on Christmas Eve, as you claim, rather than letting a foreign journalist do it 2 weeks later? (” A journalist, Maria Zack, personally informed President Trump on Christmas Eve at Mar-a-Lago about this story,”)

      1. Patrick Cooper says:

        The Governor, Kemp, and his Secretary of State in Georgia we’re complicit in a multi million dollar deal to buy Dominion voting machines (100 million), a company that China had invested in last year (400 million). Enough said.

        By the way, Patrick Byrne and his white hat hackers watched, during the Georgia run-off election for the two Republican Senators on 5 January, as election data flowed real-time from Georgia to Islamabad in Pakistan. They take a blank ballot, check live voter rolls overseas, pick one to attribute the vote to, and accept it. Check Patrick’s tweets – he got to the bottom of the Presidential election fraud on November 3rd.
        President Trump has not been well-served by his advisers. They just want him to concede as highly paid jobs await them outside of the White House. He knows that he will be handing the Presidency to someone who has benefited from a fraudulent election and whose cognitive powers are receding.
        There will never be a free election again in America. The Republicans will never win the Presidency again. America will slowly be transformed into a dystopian, totalitarian state with the globalist Establishment ruling the roost, unlimited waves of illegal immigrants pouring over the border, a packed Supreme Court, Twitter (Big Brother) and Facebook censoring posts and communist China will become the leading, most powerful nation on earth.

        Welcome to the future!

        1. Rich Bunn, USA says:

          I’m with you. The sleeping non-believers will soon see it all. There is more coming. Trump is not dumb, regardless of what others say. There is always a reason we don’t understand.

        2. Paul Baylis says:

          Well said, Mr Cooper

        3. Mark Krieglstein, Maryland says:

          Well thank jeebus we have a crack reporter like you flying around the globe on your unicorn-powered hot air machine, exposing these lies just in time for nothing to be done about it.
          Well Done!

        4. Rihari Wilson says:

          From what you say there seem to have been an enormous number republicans who were disloyal to President Trump. So many, in fact, that there were hardly any Trump loyalists left to vote for him, which would explain the result of the election. Consider, if Brad Raffensperger, Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, William Barr and others like them, all of whom the president accused of disloyalty, had all actually voted for Biden, this would have swung the numbers, especially if they had all pressured their families and followers to do the same.

          1. Starr Sears, America the beautiful says:

            There are claims that cash lifted off the top of the Iran deal was delivered to Rome. Rumours of a raid at SEC but of course I can not back this up. I do know, though, that no President in US history won without Ohio or Florida. Biden had neither. You cannot win on a platform of raised taxes and elimination of 11 million jobs in the fossil fuel industry when the US is energy-independent for the first time since 1957. I am sick about this… the more I look, the worse it gets. I have not slept in three days. I also have deep concerns that the next James Bond movie will not meet my expectations based on what I am seeing here.

          2. Olivier Swinnen, Belgium says:

            But, dear, it is exactly the sad truth. More than 60 percent of the Republicans are corrupted. They are part of the swamp, they never loved Trump, they are happy to see this man who keeps his promises go. They are happy that nobody will try again to stop the corruption, the infamous lobbying that makes them rich! To not see that is truly naive … or is it just because you do not want to see the truth?
            To end on a sad note, all of those who for money or by stupidity betrayed your country will soon receive their rewards. Too bad hundreds of millions will suffer from the communist state they (you?) helped put in place.

          3. Carole M. Rowland, United States says:

            You are either kidding or attempting to be funny with your juvenile comments. I don’t know what country u live in, but no weak, feeble-minded, crooked, career politician that ran a 5 sighting non-presidential campaign in hiding could even have gotten more votes than his idiot loyal base of crooks and sheep. Donald Trump really won and the powerful backers did an impressive job of swapping votes electronically. The childish voter-level fraud was at best a distraction to keep honest people from being able to notice the real issue of electronic swapping so the totals would match. Believe what you will but the sad part is that Democrats were able to pull off this fraud. Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think everything’s okay and everything is going right and everything blows up in your face. Democrats – it’s a little too ironic, don’t you think. So go do your limited brain a favor and then pay attention when fraud is afoot.

          4. Paine Thomas, Washington, DC says:

            Our leaders don’t vote for the President. The citizens do. There are many disloyal people around POTUS right now, though they are thinning out quickly.

            I am an American political investigative journalist. I’ve dug into this myself, and while I can’t confirm this aspect of the story, I can confirm the election was stolen with Chinese involvement and POTUS will go on all media in the coming days to lay out the treason to the American people and the world using the Emergency Alert System and Giant Voice System – once those involved have been taken into custody. The Capitol event from the other day was a ruse involving Capitol Police and the US Army Special Forces to take Nancy Pelosi’s laptop for evidence.

            I don’t know how Patrick stumbled on to this story, but it will be a career maker. You’re about to live through the craziest story since the Berlin Wall fell.

          5. Paula Jamiel, United States says:

            The entire Cabinet and Traitor Pence are all bought and paid for by the Demonicrats

        5. Dave Wallace, USA says:

          The GOP has just as much dirt on their hands as the Democrats – they are all corrupt and compromised. The military industrial complex is who really runs the government. Warmonger, blood-thirsty vampires, they make billions and the people pay with their blood. Say what you will but when the day of reckoning comes, remember that the one with the boot on your neck is the one you chose. Enjoy

        6. Mia says:

          This is such garbage. Why has not one US judge or court decided this is worthy of looking into? There has been no proof. You throw out all these scenarios with zero evidence. Show us all the evidence. Where is it? Who has it? Did Trump’s many lawyers present it in court? Why weren’t the FBI or CIA told of this? Why didn’t Trump have the FBI or CIA look into it and force investigations by now?

        7. Mia says:

          If there was no electoral college Republicans would probably never win another election again, you are right. There are much fewer Republican voters in the US, and this has been true for over a decade. More and more people don’t buy into all this white-only America hate, and anti-gay and anti-women’s rights. Trump has really made this even worse. Almost anyone under 30 is not OK with racism and sexism. The GOP is screwed thanks to Trump – they just lost because millions are so sick of Trump that they said “see ya”. Hell, are the GA senate race results fraud too? And the House results? Trump and his 4-year stench are why he lost. He is a maniac in bed with neo Nazis and he himself is a racist, hate-filled, snobby, rich elitist. No one likes a snobby douchebag frat boy.

        8. Brenda Pearson, United States says:

          Why has no one mentioned Obama or the Italian Prime Minister, $400 million or Iran?

        9. Sandra King, United States says:

          Patrick Cooper, please tell me if Maria Zack is OK as of today? I have tried to find her on the internet and what is available today, because of her news yesterday. Is she safe and OK?

        10. Karen Christopher, Colorado, USA says:

          What incredible conspiracy theories. These should be immediately shared with Hollywood and scripts developed for movie productions. I’d pay to see this movie.

        11. Donald M Sommer, United States says:

          Not if we uprise!

        12. J. Harris, Auckland, New Zealand says:

          100% agree with Patrick. If any rational-minded person has watched the last 4 years play out, it is the Democrats and mainstream media that have incited division and violence. They have unhinged hatred for President Trump – if you look at the facts, they have twisted everything he says. The election was absolutely rigged with fraud on multiple levels . If you couldn’t see that you would have to be politically obtuse or blind.
          There is a lot going on with the Intel agencies and foreign entities working to thwart Donald Trump.
          Good article Patrick, very close to the truth.

      2. John Yanez, San Antonio, TX says:

        Actually the Georgia state GoP Legislatures sent a letter to Mike Pence to not certify the slate of Electors for Biden, but Pence ignored their letter plus the challenge. Gerogia’s Governor would not call an emergency meeting for the senate. Thus in the beginning of the Certification process in DC Kelly Loeffler – the Senator who was supposed to object to the Georgia slate of electors, with a Congress man or women – later said in good faith she could not object. So no 2-HR debate was concluded. To finish this you have 2 Affidavits to support what this gentleman is saying. I have one if you want to see. Just let me know

      3. John Ward, United States says:

        The truth always comes to light. Cheaters never prosper. (Off the topic) Trump should start a new party. Call it the “Patriot party” led by Trump himself. It seems clear to me that there is huge corruption on both sides, Democrats, Republicans, FBI and so on.

        We are Americas and deserve to have a peaceful and proactive voice in our government!

        Also, I am afraid that as long as states are allowed to choose how their voting practices are to be done, we are stuck with election fraud forever. Heck, I would rather vote like they do do in some Middle Eastern countries, by dipping my finger in permanent ink to show I voted!
        Beats the crap out of Dominion vote fraud machines. Look up the word Dominion!! The definition says it all.

      4. Roberta Wichman, USA says:

        The senators may not like Trump. He is not your normal Republican.
        Trump may not have blown the whistle because what he was told on Christmas Eve was not backed by affidavits until later.

        1. Roberta Wichman says:

          This is a recording of a group phone call with Maria Zack of nationsinaction.org.
          Hear for yourself.
          When they speak of Tiffany and you hear Marla Maples on the call – that would be Pres Trump’s daughter and former wife.

      5. Rich Hutchins, Washington State says:

        Could both parties be so over-compromised that no one wants to touch this and they’re all doing the Barr step-aside??

    2. Paulette S Courson, United States says:

      The Maria Zack interview has been taken down by FB, stating that it was “false and contained unsubstantiated information” according to the “fact checkers”, and we know who pays them. So, I’m in FB jail – can’t post, can’t comment, etc.

  5. Bob Hughes says:

    The things gullible people will swallow amazes.
    I was around when Hitler arranged his then democratic county’s parliament building (Reichstag) to be razed, in order to blame others so he could unleash genocide death and destruction. upon the world and it’s people.
    The day Patrick’s letter was published nearly 90years since in a different continent, another wannabe dictator, claims without evidence an election was rigged against him and many believe him,
    He sets a mob of his supporters upon his own country’s parliament, (The Capitol), in an attempt o overturn a democratic vote so he can retain power.

    1. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

      Godley’s Law. In every political debate, Hitler comes up. German elections and Hitler’s referenda were not considered fraudulent. Mr Cooper’s examples are beyond my and most readers’ comprehension. But I have no doubt the Presidential election was fraudulent. I agree with Trump that he won, probably by a landslide, and that was by keeping his white supporters and increasing his minority supporters. The former got noise, the latter got tangible results. The US Courts will not investigate because they are terrified of BLM and Antifa riots that would make the invasion of Capitol Hill look like a political stunt. State Congresses are investigating with very disturbing findings. The real tragedy is not Biden’s victory but the loss of legitimacy in America’s institutions. That will reduce America to, well, a banana Republic. And a rotten banana at that. Thailand without the smiles.

    2. Gordon Bird, Warton, Lancaster, UK says:

      Very good! Maria Zack was going well on BNT until she said that she was like the President a devout Christian. That makes me instinctively “Smell A Rat”!…This Leonardo affidavit may be true. One thing that seems sure is the Capitol was “Invaded” by “Rent-a-mob”.

      1. T Kelley, USA says:

        One man arrested already identified as BLM . . . Your instincts serve you well

      2. Susan Justice, Ohio says:

        There is no doubt in my mind that the mob that invaded Capitol Hill was a setup to make Trump look bad… Yet who of us in the world can believe anybody anymore… but I do believe in Donald Trump because he had the courage to stand up and fight with all he had for the American people… And there is no doubt in my mind that this election was stolen due to the interference of outside wicked and corrupt sources… However God sees all and those of us with faith will leave this matter to him and he will eventually give Justice to his people… And the truth will always come out because truth was meant to be in the very beginning of time and not the LIE and the LIE will always be exposed..

        1. Lisa Wright, Iowa says:

          Now you’re saying that Democrats sent people to the capital. What in the heck is wrong with Trump supporters? Trump and Russia stole the last election. Anything Trump accuses others of, you can bet he is doing or is guilty of. Check out the facts, not what the rotten bastard says.
          The Democrats screwed up – they let Trump cheat 4 years ago. Now have let him lie, cheat and deceive people on tweets and Fox news and obviously people like this article reach to the American people. Sadly the Republicans want to maintain control so badly they will back the worst of people. In doing so Wednesday was (hopefully) his last blow to my country.
          How anyone can believe Trump has a decent bone in his body after all the behavior he has so blatantly displayed is beyond me. Trump is a walking train wreck and has destroyed millions of families. If he is not a criminal, why is everyone he knows in trouble? Or why does he want to pardon himself, all his allies and family? How stupid can people be? If it walks and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.
          Trump is the only person claiming fraud. Everyone else, besides his deluded followers, say it’s not true. So you take one liar’s or corrupt news people’s word over true professional Americans? Please, these lies have to stop. Trump said in his speeches to go rock the capital. He needs to be locked up or deported, and never be able to touch our lands again. Problem with that is no country worth being in will let him in. Russia does not even want him. He has done what they want, destroying our country single-handedly. Wake up people YOUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT!

        2. Lloyd Gretton, Auckland says:

          As you said, he gave his all. I am not sure in an entirely worldly way the Democrats will get away with it. You might be interested to know that Jimmy Carter has offered the services of his election-monitoring organisation. You might have noticed the statement of every former President on these events have been reported except Carter’s. Here is an ally even if you don’t like him. In elections outside America, corrupt politicians don’t get away with this. Unless they are a dictatorship, in which case everyone knows their election is fraudulent; elections are monitored by NGOs.

        3. Lucy Holcomb, US says:

          You are exactly right. I had reprentatives there who watched these people come in SUVS escorted by State Troopers. There were conversations overheard about where to meet, what to do, and when to do it. The sad part is, some Police were sent home that day leaving the Capitol without enough security. The people who broke in were the same ones who would break the peace at BLM rallies in August. They are paid to disrupt peace, to make Trump look bad. This time they were caught, showed their picture on social media the night before, then they posted breaking news that the Capitol had been breeched at 9:34am – and the incident didn’t happen until the afternoon.

        4. Karen, United States says:

          Thank you – you are spot on…. We are facing a big uphill battle against the deep state

        5. Lara says:

          Mr Trump is not ‘standing up and fighting with all he has for the American people’. You probably like him because he aligns with your viewpoints. He is admired generally only by people who think democracy should serve only their interests. The mob who invaded the US Capitol building were mainly white racists, craving violence.
          Where was Mr Trump? Hiding out in his office still trying to overturn the results of a free and fair election.
          Thankfully your democracy has proven itself to be resilient in the wake of the chaos he instigated on Wednesday. At least your nation has many people with good common sense to override the impulses of the deluded people (like you). Most countries where a mob has attempted a coup take ages to begin to function with some sense of normality.
          The sooner he is gone the better for all of us.

          1. Pamela Kay, Charleston, West Virginia says:

            Well Lara, I guess you have drunk the Democrats’ kool-aide too. Your brain has been desensitized to the truth. You will see one day soon.

          2. John Drexel, United States says:

            This is how the enemy thinks – thank you for sharing your opinion. You can’t even debate with them, they get angry fast and just spin it. Yes, a young woman was shot and killed. The irony is that if she were black, Liberals would be demanding the officer be charged with murder. Welcome to the New Biden Double Standard where Black Privilege is policy.

          3. James Dailey, United States says:

            If it’s true that special forces were mixed with antifa during the invasion of Congress, and they got Pelosi’s laptop, this may well be a different story.

        6. Pamela Kay, Charleston says:

          I agree with you. This election was a total farce. I worry about our future. I hope this isn’t the end of The United States of America as we all know it.

    3. Jeffrey Guarino, Winnipeg, Canada says:

      I thought you were referring to Biden being an upcoming dictator. From reading of all the comments here and the letter, I think both sides should really wait for more information. The Left side seems to immediately disparage anything that Patrick Cooper has to say. Also, there is the unprecedented behaviour of the MSM to block completely stories they don’t like and lie through their teeth, like denying the Hunter Biden laptop story and 50 former intelligence officers signing a letter stating that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian plant.
      All proved to be completely false. So the MSM and left has brought this on. Ten percent of Biden voters have said they would never have voted for him, had they know about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This 10 % trusted the MSM news. They stole the election for Biden. Even if no election fraud is ever confirmed, Biden is illegitimate.
      So to the editor, what are you? MSM also or are you an impartial party with no political bias??? You wonder why no one believes what the MSM says, and in fact believe they are being gaslighted every day.

    4. Kevin, Hawaii says:

      How about reading the Mein Kampf, and get to know the real Hitler? Here’s a couple of spoilers for you. He wrote tons of pages about how gullible people are, that most are mindless people who allow their feelings to over rule critical and rational thinking. That such people need a ruler over their weaknesses. That the way to rule them was by control of the media – control the media, and you control their thinking. Not with rational discourse but by appealing to feelings. If you can control a large enough media, and appeal to people’s emotions, you can make people do whatever you want. Hitler, in his time, had the largest media empire ever known. They owned radio shows, newspapers, bulletin boards, hung Nazi flags everywhere. Anything, everything, and in any way they the could they pushed their agenda. In addition, he suppressed views of his opponents. It’s obvious that when you compare Democrat vs Republican that media has played a huge role in this election. Maybe neither side directly owns and controls the media, but the media bias is greatly out of balance. It makes one ask, who is really ruling the country? Ask yourself, what channels do you watch? Which channels excite your emotions the most? It’s probably not the right-slanted media.

    5. Peg Graham, New York City says:

      I was at the Capitol on January 6. As we’re half a million other citizens of our former Republic. Clearly, the antifa scum yelling epithets at law enforcement were not Trump voters, regardless of their apparel. They WANTED us to storm the building, so they could suspend the process, and reconvene in the night to destroy the Republic like the rats they are and will always be.

      1. Lara says:

        Despite you saying you were present at the riots I believe you are mistaken.
        Your Federal Law Enforcement Bureau made it very clear that Anti Facist’s (ANTIFA) were not responsible for the storming of the US Capitol building. Please go back and observe all the footage from that day. Start with the speech made by The Trumps and Giuliani and then look at all the other footage made by people who took part. There is no question white racists were responsible, and they are promising more insurrection!
        What is most galling is that these cowards are now trying to pin the blame for the carnage on others.
        What are you trying to do exactly Peg?

    6. Liz-Anne Silva, United States says:

      You’re right Bob, it amazes me as well what garbage people are willing to swallow. You, and many others (including one of my fathers) claim this president is no better, if not worse than Hitler?? I hear this empty claim again and again and all I ever ask is “Prove it”. One man organized and set into effect the mass genocide of Jews, gays, gypsies, ANY minority that wasn’t white or was white but didn’t emphatically raise the hand and salute him. MILLIONS of people were killed. Please explain the “mass genocide” that has occurred here in the USA. “He did it through his pride, ego and vanity by not doing more to stop the spread of the virus and allowing hundreds of thousands of people to die from it” is what I hear each time. FYI He was called Hitler almost from the beginning of his presidency so that’s an invalid argument. Funny how this is a coronavirus and as there were ALREADY six different strains that existed in our country for a long time, I.E. Flu Season, that NOBODY bothered to find a vaccine for. Americans just learned to live with it. You got sick, you died or you didn’t. ALL of a sudden THIS is the killer? Created and delivered by Trump? The media says “Conspiracy theorists say the numbers are padded.” Well they are. Not sure how it worked out in New Zealand but here in America Congress and the Senate passed the Heroes Care Act which was a stimulus package that “offered financial relief for Americans, Businesses AND Hospitals during this pandemic. Did you know that there is a clause in it that allows hospitals to receive $13,000 for EVERY patient that is admitted with Covid19? Did you know that they get an additional $15,000 for EVERY patient that on their autopsy report is said the ONLY cause of death is Covid19? Just in FL, where I live, people with obesity, AIDS, aggressive or late stage cancer and even some who died from injuries induced from car and motorcycle accidents, have MIRACULOUSLY died PURELY from Covid19. Not from crippled immune systems, deteriorated or advanced health issues but Covid19? What incentive does a hospital have to be honest in their diagnoses of a patient when they get FREE money out of it? That gives them ALL the incentive in the world to lie on their paperwork and reports and……………pad the numbers.
      Families have had to debate, argue and sometimes even sue hospitals to switch their family members information just so that it accurately reads their cause of death in their medical records.
      But I digress. There has not been mass genocide in my country. Just mass stupidity of our media and politicians. But if you somehow have proof of all these MILLIONS of murdered people by all means send it post haste to CNN so that they can properly take down that “dictator” once and for all. Funny how 97% of Washington DC HATES him, ALL of the media hates him, you would think this man would have been taken out by now. If he’s so hated, such a boob and a moron and has next to zero allies in Washington DC how come all the brilliant, intelligent people there with “Overwhelming evidence” on him and with the support of the ENTIRE capitol have not been able to “take him down.” The simplest explanation would seem there is nothing there. But of course that’s just “Conspiracy theories.”

      Oh, and just another quick thing about American government. Our states are ruled as INDEPENDENT REPUBLICS. Which means the president has ZERO authority to do ANYTHING involving the state’s running. While he can send officers to defend FEDERAL bldgs, he cannot do anything else beyond that except use the insurrection act, which he never did. A states governance is done by its Governor (not the federal government i.e. the president) States laws are regulated by the state legislature, cities are run by their mayors alongside their city council. The laws are enforced by the Sheriffs department who overlook a singular county (Ours being Putnam County) and city law enforcement is handled by the city police department.
      Every time I hear from people like you or anyone else on the left, they apparently have NO CLUE how their city or state government is run. It’s like arguing with a brick wall informing people that the reason their state is shut down is due to their governor and if your governor did not shut your state down but your city still is, then that’s on your mayor and city council.
      Our media has become the perfect fabricator of lies to suit the needs of the ones pulling the strings. Who those people are and how they fit into all this will just have to play out. The election was rigged, Italy and Germany and dominion all played their part and people in this world are trying to get that past our media barrier. It’s a much tougher job than most people and americans thought. This past year taught us that. Sadly it’s being seen ALL across the world, the suppression/omission of information misinforming the people of their countries own events and goings-on. Its not isolated here. That should really raise eyebrows to the citizens of this planet that their own countries media, politicians, doctors, are trying to obliterate the free passage of information among the people of their countries. Why? Because they disagree with them? I’ll end with that.

    7. Pamela Kay, Charleston says:

      I think you have been drinking Democrat kool-aide

    8. Don Cey, Florida says:

      Whenever I see someone parrot the mainstream media claim “without evidence”, it’s clear the person is a hyper-partisan hack. You couldn’t care less what the truth is, just so long as Donald Trump is gone. People like you are dangerous

    9. Sergio, Australia says:

      Bob, if you didn’t watch the Trump protest/rally, you would be unaware of what Trump actually said because the media is only highlighting the first part of his sentence. I might not be word for word correct, but in essence Trump said; “go down to the Capitol and applaud our brave Senators and Congressmen who will do the right thing. Some of them though might not deserve the applause.” But unfortunately the media only plays the first 5 words and then switch to mobs breaking in etc. So the uninformed link the words of “Go to the Capitol” and link it with violence when in fact he said the total opposite. Just applaud our brave Senators and Congressmen.

    10. Steve Pomerico, Michigan says:

      Sorry Bob but it is close-minded people like you who think our government hasn’t been crooked for hundreds of years… It is ridiculous for you to say it happened or didn’t happen, as none of us know for sure! So for you to insult people over your beliefs is ignorant and unintelligible. Trump supporters like Trump for his track record. You hate him because he’s a clown. But I can guarantee you that he’s way smarter than you or me – so get off your pedestal and don’t insult people.

  6. K. Seaman, UK says:

    Dear Editor,
    Before being judgmental, I suggest that you view the following:
    ..and the official document mentioned on the above via:
    ..click on: “Italian affidavit of January 6, 2021” to view document:
    to view:

  7. Tony Lee says:

    The New Yorker published an interesting and comprehensive article about Patrick Byrne on whom Mr Cooper seems to place some reliance, “A Tycoon’s Deep-State Conspiracy Dive.”


    Here’s an excerpt that readers might find interesting:

    A week later, after Trump lost the Presidential election, Byrne started retweeting posts criticizing Antifa and alleging voter fraud. He published a post outlining incoherent supposed evidence of widespread election fraud. (Last week, Barr surprised Trump supporters by declaring that the Justice Department had found no evidence of the kind of widespread fraud that would have altered the outcome of the election.) In mid-November, Byrne told me that he was concerned for his safety and wouldn’t reveal where he was. He said that he had been financing a group of election-security experts and ethical hackers since the summer, and had shared his research with members of Trump’s legal team. Byrne started appearing on podcasts and YouTube channels devoted to pro-Trump conspiracy theories.

    1. Patrick Cooper says:

      Election fraud took place in Dallas, Texas in 2018 and the authorities hired cyber-security experts to look into it. They reverse-engineered the fraud and discovered how it was done. The Dominion voting machines were used in that election. Patrick Byrne hired the experts and some ‘white-hat’ hackers in July of last year to work out how fraud might be perpetrated in the Presidential Election which he suspected might happen since Dominion voting machines were being used in over 30 states. They gave a presentation of their findings to DHS but CISA (Cyber Infrastructure and Security Administration) refused to attend a classified briefing prior to the election to warn them of what was to come.Of course, President Trump fired CISA’s boss, Chris Kemp, when he claimed that the Presidential Election had been completely secure.
      The fraudsters had worked out that six counties were critical to victory in the election, each one in a battleground state (Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona) and each one an urban, city centre county. If you could win those you could win the state and therefore the electoral votes of that state. They went ‘full goon’, as Byrne puts it, in those counties, employing all the fraudulent activity that they had at their disposal, most importantly the voter manipulation carried out by foreign entities hacking into the Dominion machines which are notably porous. Hence, in some of the counties, in the late evening,counting closed down and the counting rooms were vacated (apparently). Miraculous vote dumps arrived in the early hours of the morning, which showed up as spikes on the graphs (wasn’t the counting supposed to have stopped?) President Trump’s massive leads in each of these states, hundreds of thousands of votes, were gradually reversed by this unprecedented fraudulent activity.
      I never read the Atlantic – it is a partisan rag, only read by the globalist elite who can’t wait for the establishment of One World Government when elections won’t be necessary any more because we will be told who is going to govern us (just as happens in the European Union).

      1. Patrick Cooper says:

        As you were, Tony, I know you are impressed by the Atlantic but, on re-reading, I see that you are referring to the New York Times. My mistake.

        1. Patrick Cooper says:

          Sorry, Tony! The New Yorker! Mea culpa!

          1. Tony says:

            I’m not particularly impressed by any publication. Where there differing viewpoints it is sensible to evaluate a variety of sources. I hadn’t heard of Maria Zack previously and have been searching for her qualifications and credentials but have had no luck as yet. I left a message at https://nationsinaction.org/ but no response. This one page web site contains little of interest.

      2. Erik, WA USA says:

        How is it then that the paper ballots in GA matched the machine counts?

      3. Peg Graham, New York City says:

        Exactly, Patrick. I am not so much a Trump supporter, I’m from NYC, we know he is a bellicose individual who says some incredibly stupid stuff at times. However, that being said, he fought for America like no one has in my lifetime. He wanted us to keep our freedom, our jobs, and our pride. I know a lot of the world hates Americans because of the actions of our GOVERNMENT in the past, especially in the post World War 2 era. The American PEOPLE are not analogous with GOVERNMENT. We know we elected Mr. Trump and we will return home and begin to work for positions in local government and eventually overthrow the despots. I take comfort in the fact that wherever people are oppressed, eventually they are freed. It may take generations, but we will prevail. To paraphrase Steinbeck, we are the people that go on while the weak soft rich crumble and die.

        1. Melissa White, United States says:

          Everything in this article is 100% correct! There is even more corruption than what was written and the country is falling the hell apart! The Govt set up all of us Trump Patriots who attended the peaceful march when the feds shuttled in ANTIFA and once they let Patriots in the Capitol building they showed us where to go! They let media in and then Swat showed up and started being ridiculously aggressive with everyone who had just been let in and given a tour by the cops inside!
          Trump has been surrounded by people who have been against him from day 1! You know over 3.5 million Patriots paid their own way to go to DC and the mayor shut down restaurants, hotels and during it we had no internet and Google maps stopped showing DC completely – so that once they shut all these streets down, no one could find their way around the city!

          This has ALL been a plan – Covid, absentee ballots, rioting, lockdowns, school and business closures, ALL OF IT!

        2. Deb Colitas, USA says:

          Thank you for this discussion. All I can contribute is that I know Maria Zack personally since 2015. She is an outstanding woman of character and a truth seeker. No agenda, funding this herself with donations, to be thrown into danger and more. Her profile on LinkedIn gives a good overview of her professional life.

          This audio from just this Monday can help: https://vocaroo.com/1e976QE4oDoy

      4. Patrick Cooper says:

        As an addendum, the President of the U.S. is chosen indirectly through the Electoral College, each state electing a slate of Electors equal in number to the number of Congressmen and Senators representing that state, depending on which party won the popular vote. The victor is the candidate who wins 270 Electoral votes or over.

        According to the U.S. Constitution, each state should appoint electors ‘In such Manner as the Legislature thereof May Direct,’ ( that is to say, the House of Representatives and the Senate of each State are to decide how the election will be run.)

        Throughout the year prior to the Presidential Election, lawyers representing the Democrats sent hundreds of lawsuits to the Governors in the battleground States obliging them to change the rules governing mail-in ballots – no signature verification required, no postal stamp necessary on the envelope, late arrival of the ballot up to three days after the election permissible, no voter ID etc.

        These changes were all unconstitutional. Changes to the manner in which the Electors are chosen can only be made by the Legislature. The elections in those States should have been declared void and the slate of Electors appointed by the Republicans sent forward to the Electoral College.

        1. Lara says:

          Every single lawsuit the Trumpians presented were thrown out. What you are saying is not remotely true. Please stop.

          1. Josh says:

            What Patrick is saying true. The manner and methods of voting in various states were changed, not by the state legislatures, but by activist lawyers bringing cases to the courts and the judges ruling in their favor. It was unconstitutional for the judges to allow the changes to be made in the first place, on its face. How is that not an argument that should be heard? And the fact that a bunch of courts dismissed cases and if they did hear them on the merits, they weren’t RULING on the merits, clearly. It doesn’t negate the initial and underlying issue. How many of these judges were like John Roberts who didn’t want to hear the case because “f**k Trump” and “there will be riots” (paraphrasing)? Or the senators who initially going to object to the electoral counts in a few states, then after a 3 hour incursion of the capitol building (an entirely odd and separate issue and debate in itself) these senators decide, similarly to Chief Justice John Roberts, that they would rather ignore the separate underlying issue regarding constitutionality of the election from 2 months before, for fear of people’s reaction if they continued to engage in rational debate.
            That sounds like the effects of terrorism, doesn’t it? The senators changed their minds while certainly UNDER DURESS. If they were signing any legal contract it would be null and void, but this isn’t even considered when it comes to the very important legal contract that the senators are objecting to on the Congressional floor.

            We all need to allow ourselves to think about the big picture of everything that is going on in our country and all over the world. Instead of calling everything we disagree with a “conspiracy theory” and dismissing it out of hand, consider what the theory is and who are the alleged conspirators and break the issue down. Why are we so accepting of everything that’s jammed down our throats. We no longer question anything and our imaginations aren’t as vibrant as they once were. Interesting this happens when you’re older, yet it’s when you’re younger that you’re learning more and your brain is functioning at a higher capacity. Correlation? Maybe, maybe not. Something else to think about I guess.

            Peace out. Happy 2021! It couldn’t possibly get worse, right? Or, could it?

          2. Liz-Anne Silva, United States says:

            Responding to Lara, Trump’s team actually put in only a handful of cases and they were all tossed out BEFORE being presented. As in, the judges didn’t even let the cases come before them because they were either spineless, in on it or had accepted donations from Democratic parties. The majority of the cases that our media reported on were independent citizen cases filing about the voter fraud they witnessed. They were not connected to the Trump campaign cases. Sadly, not a single judge was willing to let those Americans have their cases heard. We have genuinely hit a sad point in our history.

          3. Karl Krib says:

            Wise up.
            The seditious acts were the massive cheating followed by the mendacious claims that there was no evidence and then claiming the courts ruled against the evidence.
            In truth with just a few quick points:

            1 – To date not a single judge has done (or authorised) an investigation into the well-documented election anomalies of any state. Every case that has been adjudicated has been on the basis of legal technicalities (e.g. standing, timing, etc.), NOT the evidence.

            2 – Only one courageous US judge has authorised a very limited forensic investigation for one county (in Michigan). It was limited as it only covered voting machine irregularities. The investigation concluded that the majority of the votes were manipulated.

            3 – Only one US judge has authorised an investigation into the election process adherence to state (NY) law (a different matter). Following that investigation, the judge subsequently ruled that the official people processing the votes violated state laws in nine different ways.

            4 – There was public sworn testimony by attorney Jesse Binnall, that his team of investigators uncovered 130,000± unique violations of the law regarding voters (a third issue), in Nevada — like duplicate votes, voted from deceased parties, votes from non-registered people, etc .

            This is just a tiny collection of evidence that says that the 2020 Presidential election results are highly suspect.

            The Cruz remedy would have settled it all. But Democrats wanted no scrutiny of their cheating.

          4. Gary Crawford, Loganville, GA says:

            Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Lawsuits were brought by Democrats to weaken every safeguard that existed to prevent fraud. The Democrat governors, Secretaries of State and the courts were complicit. They could not get what they wanted through the legislatures, so they bypassed them, against their own state, and the US, Constitutions. Down here in GA, Kemp and Raffensberger bowed to every demand by Stacey Abrams (the “true” gov. of GA!) to weaken signature requirements/matching, late ballots, adjudication of ballots, and more. There’s too much evidence to just mock and laugh it off. Why this happened just now will become clear as the Democrats attempt total control. Heck, I don’t even want Republicans in complete control. I would like to think that true of all Americans.

          5. Sergio, Australia says:

            Lara, just because the lawsuits didn’t get up doesn’t mean that they were wrong. Some were thrown out on a technicality. Others were thrown out without any evidence being heard. (Not sure why.) Having listened to many of the data experts, I’m convinced from the evidence they presented that fraud did take place. However, I’ve seen some of the lawsuits and the evidence presented was just poor. I’m not a lawyer, but even I could see that the evidence was thin. They relied on affidavits from people who say they suspected wrongdoing, and that a cousin of theirs that established Dominion told him etc. All of this was just hearsay and suspicions of fraud. There was no “smoking gun”.
            All this would do is raise the possibility that something was not right, but it was NOT evidence that any judge could really accept and overturn the result. In fact, I was flabbergasted when I read how poor the evidence was.

        2. Ron Lee, Arizona, USA says:

          I “stumbled” across this website in my quest to research a journalist named “Maria Zack”. Some of the comments are very intriguing, and I found myself reading all of them up to those posted on January 9.

          What should be known about the US election; especially if you’re not an American living here… seven different states claimed voter/election fraud. There was a definite pattern across all states repeating methodologies which indicates there was a planned, organized approach to the fraud. It didn’t just randomly happen. It was not a mistake. There were also major problems encountered with voting machines.

          Much of the fraud was witnessed in real time, as-it-happened by election workers as well as voters. There are more than 2000 signed affidavits submitted by witnesses available for evidentiary hearing which has not been reviewed by any US court. It’s very difficult to detail the extent of all fraud in the scope of this comment forum.

          One incident of fraud was video captured by an ordinary security camera. It shows several types of illegal actions by Democrat poll workers who were in the election center alone, unsupervised and at a time of the morning (1:30AM) when they were not supposed to be in the counting room. They were unknowingly videotaped counting fraudulent votes and the same votes over and over again. The ballots representing thousands of votes were planted under covered tables in suitcases and moved into the counting area secretly when poll workers felt safe engaging in the illegal activities.

          The state legislatures of Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania – which are the government agencies that are constitutionally responsible for election integrity – may soon be taking legal action to de-certify their state’s votes based on this investigated fraud; meaning these votes would be thrown out. The remaining three to four states are considering the same actions.

          The election could still revert to its actual winner, Trump, who probably won a landslide election before the steal was attempted.

      5. Ed Smith says:

        Wait, were the votes sent to Italy and manipulated by MI6? Or were the voting machines hacked and the votes manipulated by foreign entities? Wouldn’t all that hacking cancel out? Sorry, it’s so hard to keep up with this.

    2. K. Eagen says:

      Actually what Barr said, which was carefully worded, was … he had not seen any evidence of fraud, which makes complete sense because generally when you don’t look for something, you seldom find it. You have never heard him say that he looked into it or investigated … no, he just had not seen anything that would lead him to think there was fraud.

  8. Steven Haukdahl, Wisconsin says:

    This article is correct and the perpetrators of the election fraud are traitors.

  9. Tabatha Steele, USA says:

    Why would you print something that isn’t true? We don’t need more untrustworthy media sources!

  10. Steve Trueblue, Sydney says:

    Falun Gong CCP overthrow? Revolution is legal in China. It’s how the CCP came to power. Mao’s wife pointed out that revolution can’t be illegal in China – it is vital to Chinese society. It is praised in history books. Falun Gong is just carrying on the great work of Chairman Mao. You got a problem with that Mr Editor? And YES the Epoch Times spends money advertising itself. All newspapers do that. Haven’t seen Falun Gong marching in jackbooted platoons yet, screaming fascist slogans. It is established that their organs are donated to the CCP and tourists. A massive industry. They can’t be removed from dead bodies these organs. Meditate on that, Mr Editor.

  11. T. Kelley, USA says:

    So, because you disagree with actual fact-based arguments, backed up by numerous independent, lawful affidavits, they should be ignored? You are the problem; all who think like you, and hate like you, are the problem.
    The election was stolen by numerous lying, cheating, thieving Democrats (progressives) like you who believe all who think differently are wrong. Pathetic Chumps one and all. We loved Trump because he drove you morons crazy and will continue to do so even as a private citizen; let’s see how you great people like Joe after a year of his incoherence. Good luck

  12. T Kelley, USA says:

    Mr Cooper seems to be the only person commenting who knows the facts; the rest are just extremely ignorant to current events in Naples, Italy at Leonardo SpA and the Chief Military inspector in charge of cyber security involving data transmission…. oops!!?

  13. Cathy Walgren, Marietta, GA says:

    I’m not sure why it is relevant to label the Epoch Times as a far-right newspaper. Do you label the New York Times a far-left newspaper? Do you trust what you read in the NYT, but not the Epoch Times? I find the Epoch Times to have extremely informative, intelligent, and well-sourced articles, and I haven’t read anything there that has been disputed elsewhere. The fact that they advocate for a free press, as opposed to China’s state-run media, should actually give them MORE credibility.

    I live in Georgia. The unusual middle-of-the-night spikes in votes for Biden and decrements in votes for Trump did occur, and there is no rational explanation for the data shifts. The data analysis has been presented to the GA Senate, and Republican Senator Ligon released a report of numerous voting irregularities on December 19. BTW, you don’t mention that Gov. Kemp received a mysterious loan forgiveness of $800,000 in 2019 for a failed business venture two weeks after visiting the Chinese Consul in Houston, followed shortly by the state’s $100 million purchase of Dominion Voting Machines. A forensic audit of Dominion Voting Systems machines and software in Michigan showed that they were intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. (Elizabeth Warren pointed this out several years ago.) It is looking like Kemp was not aware of the hacking, but he and our Sec. of State are now in full panic mode, and the SOS is just trying to cover his rear end. Also, the SOS has admitted that the machines actually WERE connected to the internet during the November election.

    In sum, the writer is correct. There are just too many establishment politicians who want everything to go back to the way it was before Trump, with the deep state controlling everything and the public completely unaware. I pray that this story breaks internationally. Maybe then the U.S. media will have to pick it up.

  14. Lisa Bailey, Australia says:

    Patrick is right, the initial audio of this report has been out since Monday . . . wait until you hear who sanctioned it all . . . anyone who doesn’t believe there was massive voter fraud is either dreadfully misinformed or in complete denial. Either way, if you really want to know the truth, turn off the TV and do your own research.

  15. Jane Harrison, Napier says:

    Finally thank you for reporting the truth. You have installed our faith that we still have a journalists that has the courage to report facts in NZ.

  16. Karl Fader, Florida says:

    Biden should not be President!!!

  17. Jennifer Heller, United States says:

    If this is true, why isn’t it coming out? Why would this type of information be leaked?

  18. Mindy Lafler, United States says:

    I do not appreciate your commentary dismissing, and using words like disinformation, to put down the origin of the subject of the article.

    Sick to death of you feeling entitled to say this article’s information is wrong. Your opinion means nothing. The article, whether it is true or not, is meant for discerning individuals, who will search for more information, and garner the truth from that research.
    It is NOT your job to include your opinion. If you are a journalist, your job is to report what you know, based on the information you have found. It is not a journalist’s job to call names, use disparaging words, and quote sources making fun of them.
    It makes you seem very childlike in that you point your finger and stick out your tongue.
    Stop acting as though because you agree with one way of thinking, it is the correct way of thinking.
    Are we so stupid that you need to remind us that we don’t know how to think and therefore you must tell us how?! Truth is: you don’t want anyone to think anything you don’t agree with.

  19. Lara says:

    My question is to the editor of the Gisborne Herald.
    In light of the storming of the US capitol by American domestic terrorists a day ago, why does Patrick get to use your paper as a platform to spout this misinformation. Why is he able to continue to share his nonsense?
    At this point in time, I think responsible adults need to be cautious about enabling deluded people to share nonsense online. Impressionable people who are susceptible to propaganda will read some of the stuff Patrick shares and think he is telling the truth. He clearly thinks what he is writing is truthful and that is concerning.

    1. Larry Smith, Cleveland OH says:

      That you think his comments should be censored smacks of the same thing others in this blog have cited about Hitler, et al. Let intelligent people form their own opinions without censorship. Every read Farenheit 451?

    2. Patrick Cooper says:

      Lara, Voltaire wrote about Claud-Ariel Helvetius and his book ‘De L’Esprit’: ‘I liked the author … but I never approved either the errors of his book, or the trivial truths he so vigorously laid down. I have, however, stoutly taken his side when absurd men have condemned him for these same truths.’

      1. John Touch, US says:

        The fact is, an expert cyber warfare attack on Trump continued for 3 years, unchallenged by a morally-bankrupt media. The citizens who only saw this one-sided (pr) editorial onslaught truly believe Trump is a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler! That is the chief reason these crimes were achievable. After all, who cares if Hitler is cheated out of an election victory…

      2. Ian Findlay, Napier says:

        Patrick, still waiting for the ‘scandal’ to break in Italy.

      3. Kuntisha says:

        Patrick Cooper you are spreading complete lies. STOP. Trump PREDICTED a rigged election 2 and a half years ago, it’s a pity he didn’t foresee COVID-19 coming also! What happened to your common sense and reasoning? You are a bored little man whipping up drama and oh boy, look at you go! Go to other sites and research ALL the players before spreading garbage. Better yet, get off the internet for a month or 6 and get back to a bit of normalcy in your life, disinformation free. Stop the lies. Trumpöväs lies are what got everyone into this mess and mentally unstable vulnerable people such as yourself, believing everything he said. When Biden takes over, believe everything HE tells you and start to learn truths again🙏🏼

      4. Lara says:

        What exactly is the point you are trying to make? My reading of Helvetius’s poetry suggests he would be considered a progressive if he were alive today.
        “ Helvétius taught that man depended for all his knowledge on sensation and that his motives were those of self-love. For Helvétius the truly virtuous man is he who finds his pleasure—not just his obligation—in working for the common good. Most religions, he held, were ineffectual and offered hypocritical bases for morality. Differences in men’s behavior stem from differences in station and education rather than from inherent differences. So, legislation that pertains to the structure of society and education accorded to all by the state are the fit means to procure an increase in man’s happiness. In economics too Helvétius’ views were radical, and he traced the unhappiness of men and nations to unequal distribution of wealth’.
        Why do you conflate the long friendship and ideological differences between Voltaire and Helvetius with the disgraceful conduct of the Trump family and their enablers?

        1. Seth Friedman, Washington DC says:

          What is disgraceful?

        2. Patrick Cooper says:

          Lara, what Voltaire is saying, in a more modern idiom, is: ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

          1. Lara says:

            I disapprove of what you say and I don’t defend your right to say it because you are very untruthful. You might believe what you are writing but that doesn’t make your statements any ‘truer’.
            If you could share your opinions without trying to pretend they have any basis in fact, that would be different.
            One of the worst things Trump has done over the past five or so years, has been to present outright lies as if they are truth. People are dying because they believe his lies and those of his unscrupulous supporters. This is no joke and what is happening now in America is horrible.
            Liars and politicians know that if you repeat lies often enough people begin to believe them to be true. Books have been written about that. Read Thinking Fast and Slow to learn a bit more.
            So if you want to provide commentary to The Gisborne Herald you must make it very clear that what you say are only your opinions, not the facts.

      5. Josh, Georgia says:

        Thank you Patrick! Not sure why everyone is such a fan of censorship these days! I was at the rally on the 6th and what these people are insinuating it was is simply not true. It was set up and staged like everything else in our government! I pray that truth will prevail in the end. Thank you for your contributions and braveness!

    3. Kenneth Johnson, United States says:

      So far what I have read is true. The post just before this one I’m replying to is without doubt the most legitimate example, case and point as to why this election is invalid. These are the facts that Mike Pence was supposed to dispute. But unfortunately for everyone he forgot to bring his balls to work. That is why the Capitol building was breached. That, and I’m pretty sure the first couple dozen of those folks were paid to be there. You speak of people’s naive nature and them being gullible as if you are some superior intellect and you know instinctively the correct answer to any query, and you never get lost and your poop don’t stink right? It’s people with attitudes like this who are part of the problem. If you see a man drowning are you just going to start a livestream and with the cheering of your peers just belittle and insult the drowning man for not knowing how to swim? Do you take and throw his kids in the lake alongside him so that they too can share in their daddy’s failures and subsequently his death? Possibly drowning the children as well because, you know, that ignorant fool at the bottom of the lake had an American flag on his shirt so you know he was a damn terrorist. You see how utterly ridiculous all, I mean ALL, of this is? If you see your fellow man or woman struggling with something, whatever it may be – here’s a wild thought, how about you help them with it. Either by educating them, by demonstrating or explaining what it is and how it is, and what you are doing at that particular moment on that particular problem of which you – being the solid, dependable, helping, kind soul that you are – you just took that problem and made it look easy. And because of these neighborly actions being what they experienced instead of childish banter and finger-pointing, the outcome is totally different. It differs in the fact that for one the problem got solved, the people were helped and educated in the process, and subsequently the entire episode ends in a positive light and manner and you walk away with some much-needed positive Karma points and a feeling that you did the right thing. So in summary, if you don’t have anything positive to add or have a solution for whatever the problem may be, then you or anyone else, including myself, if all we have to add is negative then we’re just part of the problem. I hope and pray we make it out of this. I believe we will, but we won’t be the same. That’s the only guarantee isn’t it? Have a blessed day
      Be Kind, Stay Strong, Always Question

    4. Patrick McConnaughey, Bellingham, US says:

      Please, enlighten us as to what “misinformation” Mr. Cooper has perpetrated. He cites our Constitution accurately as well as the fraud and irregularities from our election. You should refrain from commenting on things of which you are ignorant.

      1. Lara says:

        Your election was not fraudulent. In fact it was the most free, fair and well managed election your country has ever had!
        Stop gaslighting here!

        1. Patrick Cooper says:

          Lara, go to ‘bluedragonjournal.com’ and listen to the Maria Zack interview.

          1. Lara says:

            I did as you suggested and looked at the interview. I checked the source codes for the site (conspiracy-based sites pushing a lot of nonsense on gullible folks) and looked at every other page and all the other bits and bobs. Mate, the interview and everything else on the site is complete rubbish. Can you not recognise propaganda at all??
            Please get someone to help you haul your head out of the rabbit hole it is stuck in.

    5. Doug Miller, Washington State says:

      Lara, have you seen this – it’s the real deal –
      You may hate Trump, but this is not about him. It’s about transparency and freedom, and trust in our elections. The litmus test is . . . . Please put your bias aside. If this were reversed, and the right had “stolen” the election, you would be angry.

    6. Jaclyn Berger, Florida says:

      Do you not believe in freedom of speech!?
      The mob was hired!!! Look at all the videos! The police let them in the Capitol, it was a set-up to make Trump and all his supporters look bad. Are you such a liberal, or sucked in by fake/popular news?!?!?

    7. Mike, Texas says:

      That’s like saying, “because some Republicans went crazy in DC, doesn’t that mean all Republicans are crazy?” Or it’s analogous to, “since antifa spread violence and vandalism at every single gathering they attended, why do liberals get to critique Republicans for going crazy one time?”

  20. Bill O'Brien, USA says:

    The USA always had fake elections, to make sure they pleased the powers that be. Also happened in 2016, as the machines shut down. This time they were ready for the massive votes. I love my country more than a corrupt human being, but Trump is not corrup0t and that is the problem. For some reason, the big girls at the top do not like Trump and that can only be for 3 reasons. #1A. They need to keep up the instability in the Middle East – there is big money there, and it lowers the population. #1B. They hate Israel, because Israel is the last country with lots of oil, as it flows towards them, free of charge. Why would anyone hate Israel so much? And for what reason, unless it was oil? #2. They need a war. This too lowers the male population, which lowers the population in general. #3.Trump forces all politicians to work harder. They do not want more work and do not want him to get the credit for anything. POWER. Their so-called agenda comes from the Illuminati, so they think “yahoo, we are protected, we are elite”. Obama, Bush and AOC do not come close to Rothschild, or David Rockefeller, sorry. They have USA liberals do their dirty work. The safe house is owned by the CIA. They to think they are covered and that’s where the servers were kept and later washed and cleaned, if you get my drift. Film at 11!

  21. Daniel, Oregon, USA says:

    Why not take this article down? By leaving it online, you are providing a forum for the author to argue his point. It is garbage. It is disinformation.

  22. Steve Coombes, Nelson NZ says:

    I have been following this claim for some time. It does sound laughable but to be fair has been looked into by many investigative journalists – not just Maria Zack.

    There is now an affidavit in place from an employee of Leonardo, who admits that he completed the secret data download and has digital files to prove so. To quote Maria Zack ‘..The Italian intelligence service supplied intercepts, photos, phone calls, and (shockingly) pictures of the CIA agents who have been involved in orchestrating this..’.
    True or False? I suggest that the writer of the affidavit honestly believes this is true. His life is now on the line. So are journalists on the ground. There have been ‘arrests’ and missing persons. It sounds like a spy movie.
    As she says ‘..things are breaking every few hours..’.
    See (an audio file)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4dfplSrkcw for more

  23. Tom Armstrong, Russia says:

    I love it! Some guy says he read it on the internet and therefore its reality.
    God help us.

  24. Jack Sparrow, Baltic Sea says:

    This story is 100% the truth. Look into the trial in Italy that just took place.

    Right here: https://www.shockya.com/news/2021/01/06/the-italian-job-explosive-new-testimony-on-dominion-election-fraud/

    And the Greek billionaire Alki David who has been all over it too. Read the article and dig deeper if you feel compelled. I understand people not wanting to believe it, nevertheless it is real. One way or another the world will know very soon. Google, FB and Twitter can’t suppress information forever. As more people find out they have been doing so they will be abandoned. Probably a moot point considering they are about to be shut down and their assets seized for direct involvement in the fraudulent election as well. Hard to Fathom for many, I know. Only a short period of time (between now and 1/20/21) stands in the way for those not willing to research on their own. If you search via DuckDuckGo their search engine tells a much different story than Google. Try it for yourself.
    Type: election fraud Italy into each search engine and just scroll.

  25. Martin Andrew Harris, Christchurch says:

    Falung Gong has good reason to want to take down the CCP. They are persecuted in their own country because of their spiritual beliefs and victims of lucrative organ harvesting, often performed on a living victim (fresh organs).
    They support Donald Trump because he stands up to China, whereas Joe Biden is a puppet of the CCP.
    If you were in the shoes of the Falung Gong community you’d support Trump too I’m sure.
    And yes these statements can be backed up with evidence.

  26. Anna Stewart, California, USA says:

    Why do people find it so hard to believe that more Americans want Trump gone than want to give him another 4 years? He was always unfit for the position. He is corrupt, lazy, mentally ill, and has created a cult following who vote against their best interests by believing in him and his lies. It is anti-American at its core to elevate than man above the office. If any votes were fraud, they were more likely in Trumps favor. Way more Americans hate what Trump and his henchmen have done to our country than the world knows. History will not be kind to his legacy. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous.

    1. Michael Lucas, San Antonio, TX says:

      You lost me when you said President Trump was lazy. Maybe, just maybe, we could swallow the rest of your narrative (not happily), however indicating President Trump is lazy is as factually incorrect as it comes. I work 16-hour days routinely. I understand what lazy is and what lazy isn’t. If President Trump is lazy… where does Dementia Joe fall on your scale? #ComeAndTakeIt

      On a different note, it’s nice to see the back and forth conversation between Cooper and Lara discussing the merits of Voltaire. Good luck finding that anywhere in the US in a comments section of a newspaper (which have been shut down for the most part nationwide). I might loathe liberals, however I do enjoy reading a thought-out discussion between two opposing viewpoints.

    2. Michael A. Tracy, United States says:


    3. Alex J. Newton, United States says:

      You lost me forever when you wrote that Trump is “lazy”. You and your ilk are lazy for not having the curiosity to know the truth. Americans should all want free and fair elections yet you and your corrupt, mental midgets cried like lunatics to avoid transparency.

    4. Lisa Okapi, United States says:

      What you are saying is absolutely not true at all. The minute Trump won the election there were impeachment proceedings started. Based on nothing. The fight for America is on. No matter what political party you are on, if you are smart you want this proven once and for all if voter fraud was committed. If we don’t have a voting system in place that is secure than we will never have another true election and everyone will just be appointed. They will make it appear you are voting and making a difference, but it will be an illusion. Sadly America will be no more. Not as she was.

    5. Jason K Milner, United States says:

      Active measure

    6. William Mee, USA says:

      Dear Honorable Senators and Representatives:

      This is an URGENT communication for January 6th’s Electoral Collage certification:

      Any “Ten Day Audit” of the election should include the following:

      Donald John Trump KNEW he was losing the election by the polling. So he and his attorney Rudy Giuliani concocted, in an illegal seditious conspiracy, the idea that a majority of people voting against him would do it by mail or in in-person voting where the crowds would be less and you could wear a mask. So Trump pushed his supporters to go out in force election day, knowing these results would be counted first and by 11 p.m. EST, he could declare victory. Then the Trump Campaign started filing lawsuits against any counts of the mail-in and early vote, by declaring there to be fraud. Plus they knew most states had changed laws or mail-in procedures to accommodate the higher volume (and they would protest these as being against the constitution of those states, or long standing election laws of those states favoring in-person voting). Hence, the slowdown of the mail by the unqualified and unconfirmed Trump appointee, Louis DeJoy, to the USPS, which federal judges found to be illegal, and ordered the barriers to mailing ballots to be removed.

      THIS MESSAGE needs to get out: So if you are supporting a guy and his team that is breaking the law—by going out to protest with a gun on January 6th; or if you are a member of Congress, you too are doing something illegal: Sedition. They are all willfully engaging in sedition. “Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison and it refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.”

      FROM THE DOUBTERS: “What proof do I have of this?”

      Well, Trump “telegraphs” this stuff in his rallies. He actually said all this dozens of times from state to state. Then piece together the over 60 lawsuits and you have it. The FBI seized Rudy’s phone and this is enough to charge them both. We KNOW HE TELEGRAPHS this stuff. Look at the Impeachment, he went around the country and said: “the call with the Ukrainian President was a very good call” and then proceeded to reveal details that proved it was a totally illegal call according to federal law.

      In salute to your PUBLIC DUTY required by this email, sincerely,

      William Henry Mee, Jr.

  27. James Van Dykes, London says:

    Thank you Patrick Cooper for your factual letter.
    To the Ed. The Epoch Times is NOT a far-right paper. You need to report the facts, as Mr Cooper has, all backed up I might add with evidence and witness statements given in the hearing from the Georgia Legislative branch.
    Falun Gong is the practice of meditation. It is the Chinese government who has been persecuting them as it will not tolerate anything it sees as separate or as a religion.
    How Patrick even reads this rag is beyond me, as you are stating there is no evidence – try reading the 270-page report released by Sidney Powell. There is evidence. The facts that you have stated are untrue. There is overwhelming proven evidence, mathematical, systemic, on video, in affiant form with 1000s of signed affidavits.
    You have a responsibility to report facts Mr Editor, not propaganda.

  28. James Van Dykes, London says:

    You are a far-left paper which is lying to your readers. Mr. Cooper’s letter outlined evidence that has been proven. So much so that 2 legislatures wrote to Pence to decertify and do an audit.
    The Georgia Governor and Secretary of state have REFUSED a supreme court order to examine contested ballots.
    This was ignored by Pence and the crooked, corrupt swamp creatures.
    If you bother to do some investigative journalism rather than gaslighting your readers, you would at least have some integrity. Shame on you!

  29. Gennaro, USA says:

    Interesting that you say “Chinese Government” instead of saying “Chinese COMMUNIST Government”

  30. Mrs. B, USA says:

    Sounds as though Patrick Cooper is the only one who has any idea of the true atrocities happening in the United States. Many of the rest of you resemble the hypocrites of the Democratic party elites. Trust that there are more patriots in this country who are totally sick of the lies, corruption and fraud from our own government . . . much less, anyone else’s. The people voted for Donald Trump the first time – as well as the second!
    America will rise – America will prevail

  31. John Phillips, USA says:

    I am an American citizen, and I am disappointed in the lack of open discussion in our country that might help us find the truth about anything. This opinion platform is refreshing. Today, we are in the midst of a draconian crackdown initiated by the Tech Oligarchs to silence many voices. I am glad to find you and many others of diverse opinion, sharing and arguing in search of the truth.

    I voted for Trump in both elections. He is a flawed human, but he is the first president in my lifetime who was in place by the will of the people and against the will of the establishment. Just try to comprehend the magnitude of that fact. For a moment (4 years) the people had their guy in office. And much like the early Christian church the persecution began, and has been relentless. But in the end God always wins. If they didn’t kill Christ, Christianity would never become what it has. The persecution of Trump will be thee thing that gives courage to the American People to stand for what we believe in. The people storming the Capitol earlier this week is but a very small statement and nothing compared to the wrath that may be necessary to root out the evil permeating every facet of leadership in this world. On Jan 6th the light in the beacon on the hill shone brighter for all those who suffer oppression in the world.

  32. TwoRivers, USA says:

    Italian hacker spy confessed using military satellite to flip votes to Biden. See video interview.

  33. Tony Lee says:

    I’ve been doing a little reading about the rioting protagonists who stormed the Capitol building. This led me to a rather depressing statement by Carl Miller (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Miller_(author)), a highly experienced and strongly-credentialled technology writer. Seemingly indicating that the conspiracy theory problem is intractable, he said:

    “There’s a Nobel Prize for someone who works out how to confront conspiracy theories without censorship or coercive control.”

    Jules Evans (Fellow @ Centre for the History of the Emotions. Author of Philosophy for Life, Art of Losing Control, and new book Breaking Open http://www.philosophyforlife.org) goes on to say:

    “The conspiracy problem arises out of deeper problems — mental illness, trauma, loneliness, bad education, and weak critical thinking skills, toxic cultures in both Christianity and New Age spirituality, social media algorithms, and a breakdown of agreed meanings and truths in Western and global societies. Above all, we have the president of the United States prepared to stoke these fires to hold on to power at any cost.”

    The conspiracy theory problem impedes decision-making and action in important issues affecting humanity, notably climate change. Clearly not all conspiracies are imagined, but critical thought and research using credible sources is needed to sort the wheat from the chaff.

  34. Michael L. Texas says:

    You know, when people really want to believe something and are dogmatic, they will not hear any objections to their beliefs. What concerns me is that when evidence of fraud crops up – weak, moderate, or strong – Democrats and the media immediately dismiss it, and perhaps even demonize. Instead of say, “Well, I suppose we should follow up on this and see where it leads, perhaps there’s some truth to it, after all why on earth would this Italian make this affidavit in the first place,” they demonize like a bishop of some religious sect would anathemize a heresy. Seems telling.

  35. Mr Gerald Butler, Auckland says:

    Funny that the editor won’t even provide his name on this page – obviously a coward.

    And what has he done to reject the letter’s content? “Epoch Times is right wing”… well that doesn’t mean it is fiction.

    What a dope

  36. Brenda Fife, USA says:

    There is plenty of evidence of fraud. Do not insult my intelligence. People with nothing to hide, hide nothing. Common sense.

  37. King Baker, United States says:

    Right, that’s why it’s starting to come out from the Italian Courts and just so happens that the Vatican went black tonight. All smoke and mirrors for sure.

  38. Susan Jordan says:

    The man was arrested

  39. Phillip, United States says:

    Right… it’s garbage just like the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop which social media banned so everyone couldn’t see the truth, right? Mr editor, you’re a coward.

  40. Jenny Kemp, Blenheim says:

    And the Falun Gong are being slaughtered and harvested for organs, and no one’s gonna report that either

    Patrick is telling the truth….

  41. Sharon Carter, Queensland says:

    A partisan fiction…? Here is some proof for you. A video from an Italian lawyer, a Public Defender from Italy’s Supreme Court.


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