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Greens’ policy a big deal


I can't quite believe there was no story last night on the Green Party Poverty Action policy announced on Sunday. This is the most exciting policy plank of any party in the current campaign, and the first significant release from the Greens.

There were long sob-stories about three National MPs, about which the only good thing is they saved me a lot of reading time. It's clearly time to start carefully monitoring the balance in our favourite newspaper: not just the balance between parties, but between policy and personalities, and between good positive stuff and muck-raking.

The Greens are often overlooked in the media because they have a “bad” habit of behaving themselves, and not attacking people or other parties — not even that fringe one that has acted for the last three years as the opposition in Government.

I hope the next Herald issue will make good on this extraordinary oversight.

Gavin Maclean