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US decline personified


Relax Patrick Cooper! “The Crucible” being an allegory on paranoid America in the 1950s is widely recognised and is naturally one of the reasons why it is to be performed locally. Political conspiracy theories continue to haunt many — so a heads-up on that note!

New Zealand does not vote in America's elections, so perpetual expressions of devoted support for the preposterous international joke that is Donald Trump amounts to futile effort, persuading no discerning unfortunate who has watched and listened to his performances.

As for your deep concern over those devious Russians supposedly determined to undermine the West, their duplicity is to be condemned just as much as America's tactics internationally of the same kind. But worse, deeming it America's responsibility for law and order everywhere, or in pursuit of their own interests, blatant attacks around the world now amount to a total of 21 countries bombed since World War Two.

Those who live by the sword most certainly die by the sword, which may be why the United States now appears to be in terminal condition. That self-proclaimed, “very stable genius” personifies this decline every single time he . . . er . . . blows his own Trumpet.

Norman Maclean